18th Wow Anniversary Know Details

The following article contains all information about the 18th WOW Anniversary. The complete article is available here. Are you a World of Warcraft fan? Are you aware that World of Warcraft will soon be 18 years old? The anniversary event is a must-see. This event runs for three weeks every year. The winner of the exciting prizes will be chosen. This game is extremely popular worldwide.

It is going to be an incredible event, the 18th WOW Anniversary. We will be discussing this event, the prizes and many other things in the next article.

About World of Warcraft

We all know about this open-world RPG and how much it is loved around the globe. Wow is an enormous game that has been online since 2004. It’s an online multiplayer role-playing game. It was launched on 23 November 2004. It will soon be 18 years since its original release, which will be an incredible event. Blizzard Entertainment has published the game.

WoW celebrates its anniversary every year by hosting an event. The Wowhead 18th Anniversary celebration will take place over three days. We have more information about the event.


Wow will celebrate its 18th year this year. Along with the Darkmoon Fair, there will be some exciting gifts for users. The game sends out achievement gifts in the mail every year to users on each anniversary. The gift package will include the following items this year:

  • 200 time-warped badges. T
  • The celebration package provides 18% reputation enhancements during the anniversary event, and enhances the experience.
  • The Timewalkers will send you a direct invitation.

The 18th World of Warcraft Anniversary event will now include more exciting gifts. Users will also have the opportunity to take advantage of future events.

What’s new at this year’s anniversary celebration?

There are more exciting things to be had this year thanks to the anniversary event. The Darkmoon Faire’s anniversary event will overlap this year, which means that there will be an additional 10% increase in XP and reputation gains for a week starting on 6th November. The celebration package will boost the XP as well as reputation by 18% until 25 November.

18th Wow Anniversary information

The 18th anniversary event in World of Warcraft has begun on 6 November. It will run for three weeks. It will include exciting gifts like a celebratory package, a Mount, 18th Wow Anniversary, and many other surprises.

The event will be live from 6th to 27th November. You can travel to Kalimdor or the Eastern Kingdoms during this active period to battle Classic-era bosses such as Azuregos, Dragons of Nightmare and Doom Lord Kazzak. This will give you a chance to win valuable loot, Timewalking Badges, and many other items.

How do you get the Mount at this event?

Users around the globe are eagerly awaiting the Wow 18th Anniversary Mount. The Illidari Doomhawk is available by simply killing the Doomhawk outside of the caverns. To get this Mount, you must go outside to kill the Doomhawk. You must pass through several portal rooms in the Orgrimmar Or Stormwind to reach the Caverns Of Time. It’s easy and can be done with all your characters.


We have provided all information about this massive event in World of Warcrafts. Users can enjoy all of these benefits at the end of the article. The 18th Wow Anniversary began on 6 November and will continue for three weeks, ending on 26 November.

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