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This post will be on 3 Girl 1 Kitten Video Twitter and will include all the details about the viral video consisting of three girls with one kitten.

Do you love kittens and cats? Have you seen the kitten and girls video yet? The disturbing video of three teenage girls and one kitten went viral on social media. Many people were angry. People from Australia and the United Kingdom are angered by the video and want to know more. We’ll be covering the important details in this post about the 3 Girl 1 Kitten Video tweet, so make sure to keep reading.

Why is viral video so popular?

The viral video of three young girls and one kitten went viral on social media. Many people are currently searching for it. Then, how did the video become so popular? Video was uploaded by a girl. It was Viral On Reddit and three teenage girls throw a black kitten. The worst part about the video was the way the girls laughed and had fun while the kitten suffered. Many people started to post hateful comments on the post, angered by this video.

Although people initially thought the Tiktok video was cute and didn’t really care about it, they soon realized the kitten was suffering. The Snapchat clip was shared by one of them. According to a recent report, the girls were also arrested for their offensive actions.

Is the video on social media available?

Many people searched for the video online, and wanted to know more. Recently, however, the video was removed from all social media platforms including Instagram. The video was seen as offensive and encouraged animal abuse. Therefore, the video was deleted completely from social media. Many people continue to talk about the video, spreading hatred towards it. According to some reports, people first liked the video, even though they didn’t realise that the kitten was being injured. But, after they looked closely at the people, they realized that they were actually assaulting the kitten. Telegram made the video popular. People searched for the identity of the girl, and they found that the girls were between 13 and 14 years old. They were students at Marriotts School. Because the girls were wearing the school uniform in video, it was easy to identify this.


Summary: It is extremely sad to see people assault animals. We believe that people who promote cruelty towards animals should be punished. 

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