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Many websites run legal operations at the front. Did you know that these websites use scripts in the background that track the IP addresses of users? If your IP address is recorded, your privacy could be at risk. What you do using the Internet browser will be tracked across different websites.

One such site that is located in Malaysia includes 8LIGA.net. Before you visit 8LIGA.net is it possible to read about its reputation? Take a look at the reviews below regarding 8LIGA Scam..

More About 8LIGA.net:

8LIGA is a casino website with a variety of games available that you can bet. We do not endorse any platforms that operate gambling businesses. This article is solely for informational purposes. Gambling online is legal within Malaysia according to the CGHA Act of 1953.

8LIGA is a legitimate website that was launched on the 10th of July, 2019. The website was created in the USA. 8LIGA will expire in 10 months and 244 days from the 10th day of July 2023. It is a long-lived entity because it is 3 years old, 1 month as well as six calendar days.

8LIGA Reviews:

8LIGA has a trust rating of 90 percent as well as an Alexa ranking of 924,229. Yet, 8LIGA was detected for hosting content for adults and contained hyperlinks that trace you across multiple websites.

Some mixed opinions are found online for 8LIGA. The number of favorable reviews is lower. The negative reviews suggest 8LIGA may have information about your identity information and payment details. However, 8LIGA uses a valid HTTPS connection and holds an active SSL certification.

The information of the website’s owners and contact details are hidden through internet censorship. We will discuss more about 8LIGA’s scam because the website is not visited by many people.

At present, 8LIGA is under maintenance. This means that withdrawals are not available for withdrawals. Because of 8LIGA beginning the maintenance process the majority of people who placed money into the platform are concerned about their withdrawals and investments.

As of this writing, 8LIGA displayed a countdown of over 99 hours before the website is reactivated. 8LIGA changed its website on the 11th of July 2022, which indicates that the website is operation. But, it will become clearer after 8LIGA is online following the maintenance activities.

8LIGA is on Facebook. However, the pages have no users, which is considered to provide details about 8LIGA’s scam. Therefore, there aren’t any reviews on Facebook. One YouTube reviews of 8LIGA suggests that it’s likely to be genuine.

8LIGA includes information about the conditions of services Privacy policy, terms of service, as well as customer support. It also offers various promotions such as birthday bonuses that draw customers.


With a high trust rating and a long-running time of existence 8LIGA.net could be a legitimate site. There are many mixed opinions online about 8LIGA.net. Recently, 8LIGA.net began maintenance that caused customers to not access their accounts or withdraw funds. Therefore, 8LIGA.net is only recommended for those who are experienced with the internet. 8LIGA provides information about the fact that gamblers is a risk. There is no information on 8LIGA’s scam 8LIGA Scamhas been reported on the internet.

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