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Abby Choi Murdered: In February 2023 the news broke that Abby Choi had been brutally murdered in Hong Kong. Her body parts were found in many places and her skull was discovered in soup.

The suspect was a man obsessed with her and was charged with her death. This article will explore the details of this case, including the motive for the crime and its impact on the fashion industry . We’ll answer some commonly asked questions about Abby Choi and her death.

Abby Choi killed: Hong Kong Model’s murder shocks the world

The shocking murder of Abby Choi (a Hong Kong-based model) has caused shockwaves on the internet. Her torso was missing and other remains were found inside a soup pot . Many have been left wondering what the motive was for such a horrific murder.

Abby Choi was killed?

Abby Choi (a 29-year old Hong Kong model) was reported missing in February 2023. Her body parts were found at different places, including her skull that was found in a soup . Police arrested a 33 year-old man suspected of her murder.

Hong Kong Model Killed?

Abby Choi, a well-known Hong Kong model, was known. She had worked as a model for several brands and appeared in many magazines . Many mourn her death, which has shocked the fashion industry.

Why Abby Choi was Killed?

It remains to be determined what was the motive for Abby Choi’s death. The suspect is thought to have been obsessed with Abby Choi. According to reports the suspect had sent her many messages through social media and even followed him to a photoshoot . She is believed to be a victim of jealousy or rage.


  • How has Abby Choi’s murder affected the fashion industry

Fashion industry was shocked by Abby Choi’s sudden death, and many are grieving her loss.

  • How did Abby Choi go to her death?

Abby Choi, who was also murdered, was found with her body parts in various locations, including her skull in a pot soup.

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