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Reddit Abby Choi Murder: Abby Choi was a Hong Kong socialite and model. Her body parts were discovered in a refrigerator with a soup pot, meat grinder and rice cooker. Her head was found cooked in a pot placed on the stove. The grisly crime scene and subsequent investigation attracted the attention and support of the media as well as the public. It sparked discussions about domestic violence and gender-based abuse. The Abby Choi murder case is explained here.

Abby Choi Murder – The Gruesome Crime Scene in which a Model’s Body Parts were Found

Abby Choi’s murder shocked the entire world on February 24, 2023. The body parts of Abby Choi, a Hong Kong model and socialite, were discovered in a refrigerator, soup pot and rice cooker within her apartment. Her head was found cooked in a pot placed on the stove. The shocking crime scene and subsequent investigation caught the attention of both the media and the general public. Here’s what we know about Abby Choi’s murder case.

Abby Choi crime scene: The Shocking Discovery

Abby Choi was reported missing on February 24, 2023. One week later, her body parts had been found in her apartment in Hong Kong’s upscale Tsim Sha Tsui. Her head was found on the stove and other body parts found in the fridge, meat grinder, rice cooker. The police believe that the murder took places several days prior to the discovery of the body parts.

Abby Choi: The Investigation

Abby Choi’s death was investigated by the police in one of the most thorough investigations in Hong Kong’s history. The police interviewed more than 100 people and conducted door-to–door inquiries. They also collected CCTV footage. The police found evidence of a planned murder and body parts stored in the apartment for several weeks before being discovered.


  • What was the public’s reaction to Abby Choi’s murder?

A: The public was shocked by the murder of Abby Choi and it sparked heated discussions on social media. Many expressed outrage and demanded that Abby Choi be brought to justice.

  • What were the consequences of Abby Choi’s murder on Hong Kong society.

A: Abby Choi’s death had a major impact on Hong Kong society. This sparked a conversation about domestic violence, and the need to provide better protection for victims. It also brought up the topic of gender-based abuse and the need to provide more resources for its prevention.

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