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The article below provides all the essential information about Achraf Hakimi’s Net Worth and the opinion of others about Achraf Hakimi’s divorce.

Do you recognize Achraf Hakimi? Did you know any information about his marriage? Are you aware of the name of his wife? Do you want to find out what the real story is about his relationship? If yes, then you’re in the right spot.

The people of The United States are curious to find out Achraf Hakimi’s net worth. If you’re interested in this information then please check out the Achraf Hakimi’s Net Worth article.

Why Did People Want To Know Achraf’s Wife Net Worth?

As per reliable information Achraf’s wife has filed for divorce papers. She’s stated that the reason is her wealth. The net worth of her is almost double the amount of her spouse Achraf Also, she stated that on the Achraf Hakimi Wife’s Instagram that Achraf’s earnings are directly transferred to his mother’s bank account.

She also stated she believed that Achraf was married to her as she was wealthy. Many were interested in Achraf’s wealth following her statement. As per reliable information Achraf’s net worth stands at about 2.5 millions dollars.

Who Is Achraf’s Wife?

Hiba Abouk is Achraf Hakimi’s wife’s full title. Hiba Abouk is an Tunisian and Libyan professional actress who is born in Madrid in 1986. Her work acting is the primary reason for Achraf Hakimi’s Net Worth. In October the year that she was featured on the front cover of Vogue Arabia alongside Achraf Hakimi. The actress is best known for her character Fatima in the hit series El Principe.

Achraf and Hiba Got Married Life

Based on reliable reports, the couple were married three years ago in the year 2020. They were initially content with one another, but recently Hiba sought divorced because of financial concerns. Achraf’s property is registered in the name of her mother, and his income is directly transferred to her mother’s bank account.

Achraf Hakimi’s Net Worth is greater than Achraf’s. That’s why her wife Hakimi Hiba she wanted to get divorced. The couple has not yet divorced, but they’re also not as couples.

People’s Reaction To This News

The fans of Achraf who is a soccer player, and Hiba who is an actress were shocked to hear that their favorite couple is set to divorce soon. They’ve expressed their displeasure over this announcement on various social media platforms. Many have suggested that they should not get divorced.


Achraf Hakimi’s wife Habi Abouk Habi Abouk, filed for divorce and the Net Worth is believed to be the cause. Many believe that the divorce is a rumor, that is not true. Many expressed their displeasure at the report.

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