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Are you a client from Affinity Plus Federal Credit Union? Did you receive suspicious messages regarding your account? Are you aware of how to tell when a message is not authentic? Thousands of people across the United States received messages with the tagline “APFCU:.’ Do you be aware that a number of these messages were frauds? What was the subject matter of these messages? Let’s review all the information regarding Affinity Fcu Text Scam.

The story behind The APFCU fraud:

No matter if the person is a member of APFCU the texts were sent to their contact numbers from July 2022 to date. The messages prompted them to take action based on the contents that was included in the text messages.

Information contained in this message

The messages started with the text ‘APFCU. The messages informed that the account of the customer was suspended for suspicious activities. In addition, it gave an email address to call APFCU customer service to confirm the activity in the account.

The message advised that a the customer’s credit card, debit card, check card or savings account access has been restricted or temporarily locked due to a possibility of breach. Affinity Fcu Text Message Affinity Fcu Text message urged customers to contact to the number for card services to reactivate or reinstate their accounts.

The scammer’s plan:

It’s a scheme of scammers since the victim will attempt to call the number within the message as it conveys the feeling of urgency, and also the possibility of being hacked.

The message was sent as text messages and was not sent to customers via their email address or other messaging apps like Whatsapp or Telegram. Most messages included an address to contact the customer and didn’t include an online link.

the most effective technique from Affinity Fcu Affinity Fcu Text Scam

Many people are aware that they shouldn’t click on any link in the message, as it could lead them to fake third-party websites. The public is aware that fraudulent links could look similar to those of official banks with minor variations in spelling or the fake link could be made shorter by using Bitly services. Thus, APFCU unauthorized messages are not just providing contact numbers.

What was the reason why the message was not authentic?

Many customers mistakenly interpreted fake messages as official ones from APFCU since APFCU has the authority to confirm transactions made by the customers via SMS.

Affinity Fcu Text Scam appeared authentic. Affinity FCU Text Scam appeared authentic. APFCU has an assistline number via SMS – 81508 for assistance with suspicious transactions on your account via SMS. APFCU also offered the Member Solutions Hub helpline number 800-325-0808 for customer service, and the option to STOP service in order to block the customer’s contact number to stop receiving these messages! Therefore, even the spam/scam messages appeared to be genuine to a number of customers.

The report of fake messages:

You can contact the APFCU Member Solutions Hub helpline number 800-325-0808 for verification or to report suspicious account activity or you can submit the issue to National Credit Union Administration Consumer Assistance Center at 1-800-755-1030, between hours of 8:00 to 17:00 (EST).

Avoiding Affinity Fcu Text Scam:

Beware of calling the number in the text message, because you might not be able to tell whether the message is related to an ad or a scam. Don’t reply or respond to such messages because they could lead you to live chat, or ask you to provide more personal or information about your payment over text, or even call you under the guise of unblocking your account.


In the wake of the APFCU text scam, logging onto their website on official or calling their customer support via their official telephone numbers is advisable. By clicking on any link or contacting the phone number listed within the Affinity Fcu Text Scam must be avoided. In this way, you are sure that you do not get a fraudulent or scammer website, and you can still check the activity of your account by contacting APFCU. Click here to find out more about Fraud Prevention Guidelines.

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