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What do you know about Alex Bodger’s video? Alex Bodger is well-known as a tik toker and is often featured in the news for a video he produced. People from Australia, Australia, the United Kingdom and the United States have watched Alex Bodger Original Videos. This article will explain more about Alex Bodger.

Alex Bodger video

Alex Bodger was reprimanded for the video he took with an injured person. Alex Bodger TikTok Video was widely distributed. Paul Stanley Schmidt was attacked outside of a coffee shop. He was with his three-year old daughter and fiance. Following Paul’s brutal attack, Alex Bodger, an internationally known tikker and popular under the name “Gora Pakoda”, began filming with him. According to the internet sources, Alex Bodger was seen smiling with the victim in his video. The Incident occurred in front of the Vancouver Starbucks.

Alex Bodger Sta Video

Alex Bodger has a video of a man who was injured after asking his assailant to stop smoking in front and with his daughter. After the brutal stabbing, Alex Bodger, a tik toker, began shooting a video together. The video shows him smiling while he was filming the horrible scene. Alex Bodger Murder video includes a Canadian father in pain.

Online sources indicate that the victim died in front his daughter and fiance. After publishing the video, Bodger’s comment section is full of negative comments. According to the reports, Bodger stated that he had been traumatized by watching the incident. A Twitter user reported that Alex also took a selfie of the victim’s corpse.

Where do I find Alex Bodger’s viral clip?

The viral video was uploaded to Twitter. It was shared on Twitter after it was seen by many others. Telegram and many other online platforms have the video. The video also includes footage of a horrific incident that took place in Vancouver’s coffee shop. Alex Bodger could be seen in the video smirking and saying that he had died. According to sources, this was a shocking reaction.

The viral video is easily found on social media platforms. Alex received backlash from the public over the video he shot. Reddit went viral and people are commenting on negative aspects of the tik ker.

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