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Learn facts about Alexandre De Moraes Cabelo Com website. Find out about false news regarding jury members.

Moraes is a renounced justice of the Supreme Federal Court Brazil. Did he know that he also holds other positions within the court of law? He is a doctorate holder in State Law from University of Sao Paulo (USP). Moraes is an associate professor at USP.

Moraes has been criticized for his involvement in topics that are related to government. Let’s check more about Alexandre De Moraes Cabelo Com.

About Alexandre De Moraes Cabelo .Com:

The URL of Alexandre De Moraes Cabelo.Com is not available on any website. Many internet users are looking for information about Moraes or his website.

According to online sources, his latest judgment and orders suggest that he might support businessmen, politicians, or bloggers. Moraes overturned the case relating to the suspension tax. He has been constantly criticized since then for his actions.

Alexandre De Moraes Cabelo Com recent orders:

In order to promote business in Brazil the taxes on industrial products were significantly reduced by up 35%. Solidariedade, pela bancada do Amazonas and Solidariedade filed a petition in May 2022 after ADI declared its direct action unconstitutional.

Solidariedade and Bancada do Amazonas claimed that the reduction in taxes would affect tax benefits received by Manaus’s free zones.

Tax reductions on nearly all products were eliminated after Moraes’s tax revocation. It also included major products or services on more than 170 items. This includes dishwashers and ballpoint pens as well as wristwatches and cash registers.

Alexandre De Moraes Cabelo Com convinced:

New economic and tax terms were proposed by the government. Moraes knows that the new terms will not affect company revenues in Manaus.

Moraes orders relating to fake news:

Judges and members of the Supreme Federal Court were attacked with personal attacks and false statements on social media.


False statements had a negative impact on the credibility of the jury. Moraes directed related inquiries, and Solicitor General Toffoli found that the scandal was related. Moraes directed false statements to be removed on the internet, and an investigation into illegally leaked documents. Moraes suspended Telegram’s app because it failed to stop disinformation spreading accounts. False news also included Alexandre De Moraes Cabelo Com

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