Alligator In House Hurricane Ian Know Here

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This news is of interest to Americans. Keep reading to learn all about Alligator in Hurricane Ian.

What was the impact of hurricane Ian?

The storm made landfall in Florida on 28 September. This storm was a Category 4 hurricane. Later, however, it was categorized as a Category 4 hurricane. It caused severe damage to Florida. Floodwater was everywhere and trees were falling apart. The most alarming thing was the fact that one resident shared a photo of a crocodile living in a flood-damaged house. You can see the crocodile’s head and upper body in this picture. People were shocked to hear about Alligator Swimming in House. They wanted to verify that it was true.

Is the alligator photo true?

Our sources claim that the alligator photo depicting an alligator in Florida is fake. It is the same photo that has been used over the years. The same photo circulated online after the floods in Bangalore, India. Someone claimed that there was an alligator living in their home. Some people suggested that the photo was taken from film. We can now say that the photo was not taken during hurricane Ian.

Information about Hurricane Ian Death Toll

Many people have been affected by hurricane Ian of Florida. At least 17 people were killed by the hurricane. A lot of people were also without power for quite a while. Many people sustained injuries during the storm. Some were hurt in a car accident, while others drowned during the flood.

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