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Andre Rieu

Andre Leon Marie Nicolas Rieu is a highly-acclaimed Dutch conductor and violinist, known for his extraordinary ability and distinctive style of classical music. Born on the 1st of October 1949. Rieu had a notable contribution to the world of music particularly through his invention of his orchestra, the Johann Strauss Orchestra. His passion for music started in a very early age, when he began playing the violin at a tender aged of just five.

He displayed a tremendous talent and soon began performing the presence of large audiences. After completing his studies at the Conservatoire Royal in Liege, Belgium and then joining the Limburg Symphony Orchestra as a violinist. However, his passion was to form the orchestra of his own which was created in 1987. It was called the Johann Strauss Orchestra, named after the famous Austrian composer, was created in the hope of performing Strauss’s music.

Rieu was a firm believer that music of classical origin should be enjoyed by all and not only the elite. He wanted that classical music should be accessible to everyone from all backgrounds and ages. His orchestra soon gained recognition and he began traveling frequently, bringing his music to all corners of the globe. His performances were original and engaging.

Andre Rieu Illness

Andre Rieu, the world-famous Dutch violinist had always boasted of his stamina and health. At the age of 62 He was never one to take a day off due to illness, and claimed to be immune to jet fatigue. In the year 2010, Rieu was struck with a viral infection of his ear canal that made him unable to stand up without feeling dizzy and nausea.

Rieu is able to recall vividly the night that it all started. “It happened at night. I was in bed, and I woke at 3 am, opened my eyes, and the room was spinning,” he says. “It was a terrible feeling, and I couldn’t stop it. I didn’t know what was happening.” The next day, Rieu felt as if the fracture was in his body, and was not able to move and felt confused and dizzy.

The infection that caused a bacterial infection in Rieu’s ears was identified as vestibular neuritis. It is an illness that causes inflammation of vestibular nerve that is responsible for ensuring balance and spatial alignment. The signs of vestibular neuritis may be chronic and last for a long time and Rieu’s situation was not an exception.

Is Andre Rieu Ill?

Andre, a well-known musician who is a household name, has suffered the prospect of a significant setback in his career because of an infection that has spread to the vestibular nerve. The condition has rendered him unfit to perform his obligations on tour, causing displeasure among his fans as well as anxiety with his staff. The vestibular nerve is an essential part in the inner ear, responsible to transmit information from the sensory system about the balance of the body and its spatial orientation in the brain.

A viral infection of this nerve could lead to the condition called vestibular neuritis. This condition may cause dizziness, vertigo nausea, vertigo, and problems in coordination. Unfortunately, Andre has been experiencing these symptoms that have made it impossible for him perform on the stage. Although he sought medical attention and adhering to an exact treatment program the recovery process is slower than expected.

What Illness Did Andre Rieu Have?

In the year 2010, Andre Rieu, a famous violinist and conductor was struck by a serious health issue which threatened to end his career. at the age of 62 Rieu was affected with a viral infection that afflicted his ear canal that left him struggling to hold his balance and was constantly nauseous and dizzy. For Rieu who’s performances typically include a lot of physical activity and showmanship, these effects of this illness were painful.

It was necessary to postpone several shows and was not sure about whether he’d be able to get back on the stage. Rieu was successful in overcoming the setback. He was treated with a variety of treatments to control those symptoms that came with the illness and gradually but steadily gained strength and stability. Rieu was focused on his passion for music and a desire to entertain his admirers.

Is Andre Rieu Still Alive?

Andre Rieu is alive. Andre Rieu is a renowned conductor and violinist, renowned for his captivating performances as well as his ability to introduce classical music to an enlarge public. The son of Andries Antonie and his spouse, the family’s background was one of French Huguenots as well as Roman Catholics. As the third child of six, Andre grew up surrounded by music.

His father was the conductor of the Maastricht Symphony Orchestra, and at an early childhood, Andre showed an interest in the orchestra. When he was five, he began to study the violin. He quickly demonstrated potential as musician. Andre was able to pursue studies in playing the violin in Conservatoire Royal in Liege and at the Conservatorium Maastricht between 1968 until 1973.

In his studies In his time, he was taught by two notable violinists, Jo Juda, and Herman Krebbers. They helped develop his musical abilities and encouraged him to pursue an academic career in music. After his studies were completed, Andre began his career as a professional musician performing in diverse ensembles and orchestras across Europe. The year 1978 was the time he established Maastricht Salon Orchestra. Maastricht Salon Orchestra, which was primarily focused on playing waltzes as well as other classical pieces of light music.

In the beginning of 1990, Andre decided to form his own Johann Strauss Orchestra, which was to become his signature group. The first concert of the group was held in 1987, and soon they earned a reputation for their lively performances and jovial stage presence. Since since then, Andre and his Johann Strauss Orchestra have earned a reputation for their lavish performances that often include extravagant costume and choreography.

How Long is Andre Rieu Concert in Dublin?

Andre Rieu, the world-renowned Dutch conductor, violinist and composer, has recently completed a tour of four days at Dublin, Ireland. This tour ran from April 21st through April 24, was a part of his ongoing world tour that has been able to perform in the presence of millions of fans across the globe. Rieu is well-known for his distinctive combination of showmanship and classical music impressed audiences on stage at 3Arena in Dublin by presenting a spectacular stage show.

The concert, which ran for four days, featured an array of Rieu’s most famous works, including “The Blue Danube,” “Radetzky March,” and “Second Waltz. “The performance was a spectacle for the senses with Rieu’s elaborate stage setup that featured a huge LED screen, a plethora of lights as well as a backdrop of amazing images. Rieu and his Johann Strauss Orchestra were joined by a talented group of performers, dancers, and musicians.

Rieu impressed the Dublin crowd with his enthralling personality and humorous banter. He was able to engage with the audience, telling the stories of his life and work and inviting a few lucky fans to join him in the air to join him for a dance along with the singer. The concert was a massive success, with a large number of fans attending every night to watch Rieu and his band perform. The audience have praised Rieu for his extraordinary talent, and his ability to deliver an unforgettable concert experience.

Where is Andre Rieu From?

Andre Rieu from Maastricht, Netherlands. Andre Rieu, a Dutch conductor, violinist and composer, has become a well-known name in the world of classical music. He is well-known for his passion-driven performances and capacity to communicate with audiences across the globe. Rieu is the creator and conductor of the Johann Strauss Orchestra, which was founded in 1987.

The Johann Strauss Orchestra began with only 12 members, and performed its first performance on 1 January 1988. The vision of Rieu was to create an orchestra that was modern and fresh that could appeal to a larger public. He set out to break down boundaries between classical and popular music and spread the joy that classical music can bring to those who would not normally listen to it.

In the past The Johann Strauss Orchestra has grown in size and fame. Since 2021, Rieu is comprised of between 50-60 musicians. The orchestra is not just string players as well as woodwind, brass and the percussion section. Together, they produce powerful and rich sounds that has been awe-inspiring to audiences across all over the world.

Rieu himself is a skilled musician who plays his 1667 Stradivarius violin. He is renowned for his passion and charismatic playing, as well as his ability to draw out the emotion in the songs he plays. He has been awarded numerous times for his performances and contributions to the world of classical music. Rieu as well as The Johann Strauss Orchestra have appeared in concert and on TV shows across Europe, North and South America, Japan, and Australia.

What Nationality is Andre Rieu?

Andre Rieu’s birthplace is Dutch. Rieu frequently interacts with his fans, sharing humorous stories and anecdotes and inviting his audience to dance and sing. His shows were more than music performances, but also entertaining, leaving his audience wanting more. Rieu has sold more than 40 million records around the world which makes him one of the top-selling performers of all time.

He has been honored with many awards and honors and honorary doctorates, among them several in recognition of his contribution to the world of music. Rieu is humble and committed to his work. He continues to make stunning music, travel around the globe with his orchestra and encourage others to follow his love of classical music. Rieu lives in his home town of Maastricht in the Netherlands, where he hosts a regular concert series named “Vrijthof Concerts.”

Andre Rieu Wife

Andre Rieu, the world-renowned Dutch conductor and violinist has lived an interesting life on stage and off. He was married in 1975. was married Marjorie Kochmann, a talented music teacher and composer. Together, they’ve built lives filled with music, love and their family. Marjorie Kochmann’s work as a language instructor has seen her travel all over the globe. Her experiences certainly affected her husband’s ability master six languages effortlessly.

Andre Rieu’s skills in linguistics are impressive as he is fluent across Dutch, English, German, French, Italian, and Spanish. Marjorie Kochmann has also pursued her love for writing, and has composed a variety of works of music over the course of time. Her artistic talents have definitely contributed to Andre Rieu’s music, assisting him compose distinctive and captivating compositions.

As a couple, Andre Rieu and Marjorie Kochmann have had twin sons Marc as well as Pierre. Their children have been in a world of music and it’s no surprise that they’ve been following in the footsteps of their fathers in pursuing their own lucrative career in the music business. While Andre Rieu’s career has taken him across the globe however, his family is in the middle of his life.

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