Ariel Kylie Jenner Car Accident Explore News Update!

Ariel Kylie Jenner Car Accident has sent shockwaves across the media. Find out about its aftermath. Also, find out about Kylie Jenner’s fund-raising for her makeup artist.

Ariel Kylie Jenner Car Accident

Kylie Jenner caused a stir on social media in March 2021 after she asked her fans for donations to a GoFundMe fundraising campaign to help celebrity makeup artist Samuel Rauda. Rauda had been undergoing major surgery following an accident. Jenner, who contributed $5,000 personally, shared a fundraising link on her Instagram Story to encourage her followers.

This request immediately caused a social media storm. Many highlighted Jenner’s wealth and wondered why she hadn’t paid Rauda’s bills herself, considering her reported status as an estimated billionaire. A tweet went viral expressing disbelief over Jenner asking her fans for money and only contributing a fraction.

Jenner addressed the “false narrative” that she had alleged in her Instagram Story, a few days after the incident. She explained that Rauda, although not her current make-up artist and they did no longer have a personal connection, had worked with her in the past and she held him in great regard. Jenner was informed of Rauda’s accident through Ariel her current makeup artist. Ariel then contacted Jenner for further details.

Jenner visited the GoFundMe site to learn more about Rauda’s accident. The goal was $10,000. After raising $6,000, Jenner contributed $5,000 to reach the $10,000 goal. Jenner shared the campaign through her Instagram Stories to help raise awareness. She also encouraged others to give if they were inclined.

Jenner, who expressed surprise at how the situation had misconstrued itself, emphasized that Rauda’s family had expressed gratitude to Ariel for the support and donations received. She reiterated the intention to support others and help them whenever she can. Jenner concluded by encouraging everyone to remain positive and keep Rauda, Rauda’s family, and those facing difficult times, in their prayers. She urged individuals to show mutual support and help each other.

What happened to Kylie Jenner makeup artist?

Samuel Rauda has a growing career in the makeup industry. He is known for working with celebrities such as Kylie Jenner. Samuel Rauda is a rising talent in the industry. He has over 250,000 Instagram subscribers and his own YouTube channel boasts more than 80,000 subscribers.

News broke out that Rauda has been involved in an accident involving a serious vehicle in 2021. According to reports, he sustained a severe injury to his head after he was ejected out of a moving car. Internal bleeding and eight brain injuries were among the extent of his injuries.

A close Rauda friend took to social networks to confirm the bad news and to ask for prayers and positive thoughts. The friend described Rauda’s accident as horrifying and expressed the hope that he would wake up after a successful procedure. The friend also praised Rauda’s charisma and talent. He expressed his excitement for the day that they could embrace Rauda and remind him of all the love he received.

Rauda’s fans and supporters across all social media platforms were deeply concerned and reacted to the situation due to its seriousness. News of a large outbreak was reported in 2021. Kyle Jenner, at that time, was the talk of the town. Kylie Jenner, a Makeup Artist, was the focus of attention for her fundraising. The amount raised was donated by everyone who hoped for the well-being of Kylie Jenner’s make-up artists.

Donors responded with enthusiasm to the GoFundMe fundraising campaign set up by Samuel Rauda for his medical expenses. The campaign has already raised an impressive $96,228 and is moving steadily closer to the goal of $100,000. The generous donations and support from contributors were instrumental in securing the funds needed to care for Rauda.

Kylie Jenner Car Wreck

Kylie Jenner had a car accident at the age of 16 in Calabasas. Kylie Jenner was driving her $125,000 Mercedes SUV when she accidentally hit the back of a Toyota. This caused it to crash into a Volkswagen. Jenner only received her driving license 18 days before this incident.

Jenner immediately exited her car after the accident in order to check that everyone was safe and apologize for her error. She exchanged the insurance information with other drivers and left the scene before police arrived. Thankfully, no injuries have been reported and all parties involved have maintained a cordial relationship, as reported by TMZ.

Jenner received the Mercedes-Benz SUV for her 16th anniversary from her parents Bruce Jenner and Kris Jenner. Jenner, who had just obtained her learner’s permit six month prior to her 16th year, wasted no time and went to Los Angeles DMV two days later to take her test. Jenner was accompanied by her sister Kourtney to the test centre on 12 August. She passed the test.

Kourtney was thrilled to hear that Kylie had passed her driving test. She posted a photo of Kylie in action on Instagram and captioned it “Look out World! @kyliejenner now has a driver’s license!” Rob Kardashian joined the celebrations by stating that “Little Sis” had passed her test. Woot woot!”

How much does Kylie Jenner Weigh?

Kylie Jenner will reportedly weigh around 63 kg in 2023. On the treadmill, 25-year-old Kylie Jenner showed off her impressive hourglass shape. She chose to wear a sporty look consisting a sportsbra and matching bikershorts from Alo Yoga that highlighted her curves. To complete the look, she added tall white socks trimmed with red and off-white sneakers. Even though she had a rigorous workout, her raven hair was left to flow freely.

Kylie Jenner’s exercise routine seemed to reflect her upcoming launch for mascara. She appeared to go makeup-free. Later, Kylie Jenner shared a clip showing her pre-workout preparation, which was likely done to enhance her natural looks. Kylie Jenner combines fitness and style effortlessly. She looks stunning in trendy activewear, while still maintaining her glamourous appeal.

Kylie Jenner Before & After Makeup

Kylie Jenner has never been afraid to make bold statements about her ever-changing looks. Kylie Jenner has had a dramatic hair and beauty evolution over the years. From blunt bangs and blue extensions to plump lips and experimenting on blunt bangs.

Kylie Jenner, however, revealed in a recent Vogue Beauty Secrets episode that she is now using a natural approach to makeup. She stated that she uses a lighter touch to achieve a “snatched appearance” using less product. When she applied her foundation using her hands, it blended seamlessly into her face and gave her a natural look.

Jenner’s signature glam-out look is well known, but she has revealed that she doesn’t use makeup every day. She lets her skin breathe when possible. She reserves her glamourous makeup for photo shoots and special occasions.

In the video she also demonstrates her updated contouring techniques, which are described as being less harsh in comparison to her earlier styles. In addition, she talked about her powder application technique, demonstrating her evolving approach to achieve a flawless finish.

Kylie Jenner has said that, despite her evolving makeup routines, there is one constant in her life: her love of beauty and the way she expresses herself with her ever-changing appearance.

Kylie Jenner Networth

Kylie Jenner is primarily a beauty entrepreneur. Kylie Cosmetics launched in 2015. The now-famous Kylie lip kits were released. Kylie’s huge social media following, and her influence on the internet, helped to make Kylie Cosmetics a very popular brand. Kylie Cosmetics expanded their product range, which included a variety of makeup items. Jenner generated significant revenue from the brand.

Jenner, in addition to her own cosmetics company, has pursued a variety of business opportunities which have contributed to Jenner’s success financially. She has partnered up with brands for limited-edition products, including partnerships such as Puma and adidas. She has been able to diversify her revenue streams through these collaborations and tap into new markets.

Kylie Jenner Networth
NameKylie Jenner
Net Worth( 2023)900 Million Dollars
ProfessionSocialite, media personality and businesswoman
Source of IncomePopularity

Jenner’s massive online presence has also allowed her to make significant money through sponsored social media posts and endorsements. Jenner has amassed millions of Instagram followers and Twitter followers. This makes her an influential brand for many brands who will pay top dollar to promote her.

Jenner has been able to earn more money through her participation in the reality TV series “Keeping Up with the Kardashians”. The show was a great success, and it helped her to increase her brand awareness and profile.

Jenner’s real estate investments have been successful, and she has purchased properties in desirable areas. She has owned and sold a number of luxurious homes which likely contributed to Jenner’s wealth.

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