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Aura Frame not showing pictures Aura is a popular smart frame designed to decorate your home with beautiful photos of loved ones. It allows users to upload pictures and the system will automatically include any new photos. Users are often frustrated by the Aura Frame not Showing Pictures issue when using this app. This article will help you fix Aura Frame Not Showing Pictures.

Aura Frame

Aura is a well-known smart picture frame designed to decorate your home with gorgeous photos of family members and friends. The Aura Frame app can be used to connect your frame with WiFi. Other than that, you can choose which folders, images, or collections you want to show on your frame. It is possible to ask your family members for their photos to be displayed on your frame. You can upload photos to the app and it will automatically add any additional pictures.

Aura Frame not showing pictures

Aura Frames that do not display pictures can be caused by many things. Here are some solutions for the Aura Frame Not Showing Pictures issue:

1. Check out the File Format

Sometimes, the Aura frame does not show photos issue can be fixed by changing the file format. If this is the case, convert it to a JPEG.

  • You can solve the problem by changing the file format and uploading the file again to the frame.
  • There are many programs that can convert photos to achieve a desired result. Also, you can use BMP, jp2, and png images.
  • You can also switch formats if you prefer another format. Your browser might be able to convert these images online. Use a reliable converter to ensure the highest quality images.(2) Permit Photo AccessAura Frames Android app and iOS app can be downloaded and accessed by anyone without giving it access to your photos and videos. The app will still be able to set up and manage the frame, but it won’t have the ability to upload any photos or video from your phone’s photo library.You will need to choose one option if you are using the Aura App for the first time.
    • i) All photos allowedTo view and select any photo or album from your device, you will need to use the Aura app’s “Add Photos” option.Aura, as well as any other invited frames members, cannot view your photo library so it will be kept private.iii Permit access to photos (iOS 13+ only).Pre-select all photos, videos and other images from your device library so that the iOS app can view them.Important to know that Aura won’t see new videos, photos, and albums unless you manually select them. This option may prevent “auto-add” album syncing from working.iii) Don’t permit accessThe Aura App will not allow you to upload or view any videos or photos from your device library. Upload them to your frame by using “Other Options”, which includes:
    1. Google Photos integration allows you to upload photos and videosUsing your smart device’s Share Sheet functionalityYou can send photos through the email to-frame featureAura’s Web Uploader
    • If you allow the Aura App photo access but get an error message, you might be using a phone at work with restricted configuration rights or parental control settings that prevent the access rights. Please use the “Other Options” option to upload your files.
    3 Check Upload Status A poor internet connection or interference from other smart device can sometimes cause Aura frames not to display any photos.
    • You can clear this situation by checking the upload status, then reuploading the photo if it is not already transferred to your Aura account.Sometimes, clearing the application cache is necessary before you can upload the picture again.You can fix minor connectivity problems by accessing your account settings. Then, try to upload photos into your Aura frame.
    4 Add One Photo at A Time Sometimes users attempt to add complete albums to the frame, but then they get confused when the albums don’t appear.
    • You can depend on any smart feature to upload full albums to the Aura frame.To avoid the Aura frame not showing all of your photos, you must add each photo to the digital frame.If the format is correct, and if they are uploaded one at time, the users will be able to access the photos.
    5 Reconnect Your Frame To Wi Fi This could be due to Wi-Fi issues that are affecting the frame. Refresh the network connection in order to fix the connectivity issues.
    • A few users will need to reset their router to reconnect with the Aura frames.A stable network connection is essential.
    Reset the System You might need a quick reset. To do this, follow a reset process and then wipe all configurations.
    • Then, you can connect it one more time. That might help you to find the problems with the system. You will need to be a little more involved in order to understand all the configurations.You might not be able to choose from all the options available.You can resolve the problem quickly if you follow a reset process. For minor programming mistakes, you may also power cycle the unit prior to the reset.
    7) Inquire about the Server Status Verify that the server is up and running. A server outage can sometimes cause images to not be displayed by the Aura Frame. You should make sure that your server does not go down.Aura frame Connected Please Add PhotosOnce the Aura Frame has been connected, you may search for the options to upload photos. Follow the instructions below.
    • First, download the Aura Frames app on Google Play or Apple App Store.Next, create a free Aura account.Now, take out the frame from its packaging and plug it in. The frame will display a 4-digit code.To create the new frame, open the Aura App and click “+NEW FRAME” You might not see the button if you are using the Aura App for the first-time, but you will be taken to the next screen.Make sure you select “It is for me”. You can then choose “Someone else”, which will create the frame for you.The Aura app will automatically populate with the 4-digit Bluetooth Code from your frame’s display. Only the Bluetooth connection between your frame, smart device and frame is required to connect to your WiFi. After that, the frame will be connected only to WiFi.The app will show you a list of WiFi networks. Select your preferred network and then enter your WiFi password. It will display a “Connected” message once the frame has connected with your network. Add photos to the message “Aura App”.You can also add a name to the frame and invite family members and friends.
    Aura Frame Troubleshooting These methods can be used to troubleshoot issues with the Aura Frame application.1) Checking the File format2) Permitting Photo Access3. Checking the Upload Status4) Add One More Photo at a Time5) Reconnecting Your Frame to Wi Fi6) Resetting System7) Request information about the server statusHow Do I Fix Aura Frames Not Showing Pictures?Many reasons can cause the Aura frame not showing photos issue. Here are some reasons that the Aura Frame Not Showing Pictures may have occurred.
    • Incorrect Format for FileThere is no permission to access photosUpload StatusFrame not connected with Wi-FiMultiplying photos at once
    You can use the following methods to resolve the issue of the Aura Frame Not Showing Pictures.

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