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Get exclusive information on Authmsg Fraud and find out why an authentication code has been sent to your email.

Did you notice Authmsg? Would you like to learn why you’re getting such messages? Did you know that phishing scammers had planned to scam many people in 2020-21 and that many of these messages were from Authmsg scammers? What is Authmsg and how does it work?

How can you avoid such scam messages since you can’t blacklist genuine Authy mails? Let’s look below at the Authormsg Scam.

Smishing scam:

A significant number of people have been receiving SMSs from Authmsg since mid-2021 stating that ‘your authentication code is followed with a number. These messages did not explain why or to what website or application they corresponded.

It was initially assumed that the call would be a fraud. However, the scammer would then attempt to contact them and request the verification code. He or she would pretend to be with the customer service or technical support department of the application or website. The scammers never called. Further, it was revealed to be a complicated SMS scam called Authmsg.

Authy API, Verify API and Verify API API are two APIs. Messages are sent with the sendername Authmsg. Authy has services available in more countries than 79 for 2-factor authentication (2FA).

An Application Programming Interface (API), is software that interacts between two applications about a request/response. 2FA activated on an application. The authentication code is sent to API software. This software sends an SMS to your registered mobile number.

API is not interacted with by the user. Instead, the API is not used by the user. Authmsg Authy has provided its services for various platforms and apps in the UK. It is not known for which platform the Authmsg was sent to, especially as the users didn’t access any of the apps.

How do scammers make a profit?

Since none of the scammers called to request the Authmsg verification codes, it is obvious that these scammers are targeting users and applications who do not have 2FA activated. 2FA activated, scammers will not be able to access your account. To obtain the Authmsg Scam verification number, they must first contact you. Scammers will be tracked down during this step.

But, if 2FA has not been activated it will be a matter to verify user credentials such at DoB, mother’s maiden name and address. These can be obtained through phishing.


Authmsg or Authy are legitimate service providers in various countries. The Authmsg containing a code for verification indicates that you attempted to log in to a particular platform/app. But the details of each app or platform are not clear. If you don’t know which application 2FA is activated on, then you can reset your password, and inform the smishing attempts to customer support.

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