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What’s worse then being imprisoned within an institution that you can’t decide for yourself? What’s more alarming than witnessing the violations of your rights at their worst? Unfortunately, many people in America United States are grappling with the same issue.

People in Arizona are struggling and protesting online and physically for the right they want, and they are proceeding through petitions and donations on Azreproductivefreedom com.

Let’s dig into more details.

What Is Arizona Productive Freedom?

Human rights were that was a part of life-long living in which one is not allowed to terminate or abort a living organism without the permission of the person who consented to it. Abortions are believed as the subject of contention for the majority of people. Many view it as cruel while others view it as necessary.

The citizens of Arizona are fighting to preserve this violation of their rights, where one cannot choose to decide to abort or allow their child to be born to, as they view it as cruel and unnecessary killing of innocent people who don’t want to have a child.

Azreproductivefreedom com– Details-

This site is a platform to those who are who are interested in changing the law that was filed from one of the Arizona lawyer firm back in 1912. As per this law, nearly all types of abortions are prohibited in Arizona. Numerous victims of rape have protested against these laws that discriminate against women, because they can harm the life of a victim of rape.

They also have argued that the pureness of her past is a measure of women’s dignity, and such restrictions could reflect society’s negative perception of her. Also, many anti-choice movements were driven by activists favouring Azreproductivefreedom com. They view the government as unscientific and unjustifiable for such sloppy laws to be enforced within the democratic system.

Why Is This Trending?

In anticipation of the vote which will begin on November 1st in support of this law’s amendment crowds are gathering for voting, and sign petitions in support of the amendment through an online platform. Through this portal, one will find a choice of supporting and signing this petition as well as giving a small to large amount to this cause. It aims at allowing individuals to make their own decisions regarding healthcare and family planning.

Azreproductivefreedom com is for all Arizonans who want to participate in their reproductive freedom. Since the law has been in place for over 100 years, it’s difficult to modify or change it through protests. The majority must be in place to force changes.


Prenatal treatment, contraception, childbirth and aborting is a personal choicethat shouldn’t be required to make this decision through the government. This highlights the monarch’s role of the state and the unjust laws that affect the people in the government. Through the small initiation of the Azreproductivefreedom compeople hope to change and make a big difference.

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