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Review of Bar Bambi will provide other patrons with their experiences at the bar. Check them out and decide if you’d like to organize a celebration.

Do you like attending events with your acquaintances? Have you ever been to a bar or a cocktail? If not, we have a suggestion to you all. Bar Bambi Cocktail bar located in Australia has become well-known for its late-night walk-in parties. We will provide Bar Bambi reviews so that you determine if the service as well as other facilities are food-related or not. Therefore, please go through this article if would like to know more details about Bar Bambi.

Review of Bar Bambi

Bar Bambi is a cocktail bar and is rated 3.5/5 as well as 3/5 by Google. The data comes from the reviews of 166 customers. The reviews were mixed. Some people were happy with employees, while others complained about the lack of professionalism. Some users also have said the restaurant was excellent. On Facebook the place was rated 3.7/5 scores from 552 votes. Other review sites online have also given 3.5/5 scores based on only four reviews.

Bar Bambi Melbourne

Bar Bambi is located in one of the cities in Australia, Melbourne. Here’s the address for the cocktail Bar: ACDC LANE, MELBOURNE (NEAR the CORNER OF 103 FLINDERS LANE) 3000. The bar is well-known for its functions, parties and other occasions. The bar has various opening hours and booking times. The bar is open late into the night and serves Italian cocktails and wines . It also serves shared plates and live entertainment from Thursday through Sunday evening. There is also a capacity of about 250 people with the pre-booking facility. They can accommodate tables and Boothe reservations to provide the feeling of a party that is enjoyable for their guests.

Review of Bar Bambi have revealed this bar to be well-known, and a lot of customers have been there and loved the services. Please check the timings for their opening hours below.

Open Hours

It is the official web site for Bar Bambi bar where you can find their hours of operation and other services. We have included some information here. So you can reference them.

  • The restaurant is available from Wednesday through Sunday.
  • On Thursdays, the opening time is from 5 pm until 1 am. From 5-9pm, dining and piano facilities are accessible. DJs are available till 1 am.
  • On Fridays, the hours of operation are from 5 pm until 3 am. According to the Bar Bambi Reviews DJs, dining and DJs are open until 3 am however the piano is open until 9 pm.
  • On Saturdays, lunch, and discos are served between 5pm and 3 am.
  • The hours are 2pm to 8 pm on Sundays however only during summer or spring.


In conclusion of this article In conclusion, we’ve shared Bar Bambi cocktail bar’s opening times and hours. It is available here, or also go to their official web site. Many review websites have published negative reviews about this bar. Therefore, you are able to try and share your experiences online.

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