Reviews {July} how Is It A Scam Site Or Legit?

Are you looking forward to starting your journey by road bike? I hope you receive all the right points, which includes the customer’s reviews.

Do you like riding on a bicycle? Do you want to buy an mountain bicycle? We all wish to get outside through fitness such as cycling. A lot of podiums provide various products including bikes, equipment, and more in countries such as those in the United States.

Bikestore is an online store that is the best old platform for bicycles, bikes accessories, bikes and more. It has a wide selection of products. To find out more about the description of the product visit the website and then read the shoppers’ reviews.

What exactly is Bikestore?

Bikestore sells a selection that includes mountain bicycles, bicycles and accessories including bicycle assembly kits and many other products designed for United States people. This sale is currently at the top of the stage, which means the price seems very reasonable. The prices are already less than other sites.

All information regarding items and points of connectivity to the web are available through the portal, therefore prior to entering the payment method make sure to read every aspect. When it comes to online shopping, it’s important to understand the actuality and the reality of Bikestore that:

Is Legit or fake? Take a look at all the points and other factors attentively to determine the real nature of the website.

Information About Bikestore

  • The URL of the Bikestore is
  • The company is named after the owner of its offices, i.e., Verdant Outdoor Sports World Pvt Ltd.
  • The website also provides the address of the physical facility, i.e., The BikeStore, Link-Road JNI- Stadium, Palarivattom, Kochi, Pin – 682025, Kerela INDIA.
  • They can be reached at their contact numbers, i.e., +91 97464 +973.
  • For any inquiry, you can also drop the mail at the mentioned mail address, i.e.,
  • We are unable to read any of the reviews. reviews on any other website.
  • The site sells exclusive and big items, including bicycles, mountain bikes components, bicycle assembly kits and much more.
  • Today, you can take advantage of the to purchase the products at a discounted price.
  • It is not getting traffic or its popularity isn’t as high it has no followers on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc.
  • It shares a delivery time in INDIA from 6 to 50 business days. In International depending on the location.
  • We do not accept any returns or refunds in the manner it has stated. All of our products are sold on a non-returnable base.

Benefits of Podium

  • All of the items look sturdy and are of good quality.
  • You can contact us with any questions through the help desk and read the time to read review .
  • The podium is completely secured with the help of various protocols.
  • The items are all available at a discounted price, therefore the prices are comparable.

Advantages in the Podium

  • The company is not accepting returns refunds.
  • There are no comments from users about the portal that is verified.
  • There are no Facebook pages sites, although links are present in the descriptions of the items.
  • In accordance with the rules, they can take a long time for shipping.
  • After you have filled in your details You will not be able to access the payment method choices.

Is Genuine or fake?

  • Bikestore has a domain registration date of i.e. 07/08/2013. available on the marketplace.
  • Bikestore will close on 07/08/2024.
  • Bikestore has earned the trust ranking on the other side of the podium, i.e., 65.5 out of 100.
  • We are unable to write the details on its actuality since there is no feedback from users.
  • It has shared URLs to the social network sites however, no one has pages on it.
  • We don’t have any details regarding the proprietor of the portal.
  • It has incorporated a few items from other platforms.
  • Bikestore is a trusted store with a trust index of 60 percent.

Bikestore appears to be a mystery It isn’t likely to secure any traffic or output for nine years, so make sure you check each point thoroughly.

Customers’ Customer Reviews

Bikestore boasts a range bikes, bicycle-assembled kits bikes such as different bikes, many more at a huge discount. To our complete satisfaction, we shifted between the two sites to read authentic reviews from the expert user’s side, but we did not find anything on the site and trust pilot as well as social networks websites. Be sure to check the ways to protect yourself from the money you lose to credit card fraud and also read the other terms of reference carefully.

Final Verdicts

In the end, we found that the site is not up to date and there is not displaying users’ reviews available for claims products, such as mountain bikes accessories, mountain bike Discount offers, location that is not accurate and average trust ranking and more. We are unable to provide any information regarding the legitimacy of the website. You should verify the way to follow before.

Have you ever bought anything at this store for bikes? Include your comments in the box below If you’ve had any feedback. It will help the next customer.

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