Bill UK Gov Com Scam Check All Info Here!

This article will inform you about the Bill UK Gov com scam messages and the steps you must take if you get these messages.

Do you receive discounts on your electricity bill? If you get such messages via the Energy projects website, then you should not be able to ignore them. This fraud is being perpetrated in the United Kingdom has been able to fool the people. bill UK Gov Com Scamtexts are being delivered in an atmosphere of fear in the country. Spend some time reading this article and find out more about this scam.

About Energy Bill UK Gov Scam

A lot of people have received text messages in which their bill has been reduced by PS400. You could receive the normal text message or an email. The senders may also include hyperlinks that take users to a different site. This site is merely used to steal personal information and deceive innocent citizens. Do not reply when you receive these messages. It’s a tactic to swindle and steal your personal details.

Energy Bill Support Scheme

The UK government offers this program to residents, allowing them to receive discounts on electricity bills. The aim is to lessen the cost of household eligible households’ electric bills between 2022 and 2023. Discounts will be applied to 6 month bills. Households don’t have to sign up at any point since the department will provide reduced bills. In November and October households could receive the PS66 rebate, and for December through March, they can get PS67. This will allow customers to lessen the cost of electric bills.

As we mentioned, users are not required to go to any website. If you get the Bill UK Gov com scammessage and you do not want to read it, either not respond or report it. Additionally, you should immediately remove the sender from your inbox and send an official complaint to a official in the government.


In the conclusion of this article that we have shared with readers about this phishing scheme for energy bills. It is possible to visit this official site of the government for more information about this rebate plan. However, fraudsters are utilizing this scheme , and deceiving many people throughout The United Kingdom. This is of worry, and we are hoping authorities can track down those fraudsters in the near future. It is also advised that citizens do be careful not to click on any untrusted websites to reduce the chance of becoming a victim of fraud.

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