Boomervin Review Check All Reviews Details! reviews can help you determine if the company is a scam.

Website Highlights

  • Domain Name:
  • Website name Boomervin
  • Domain Registration Date as Per WHOIS2022-09-16
  • Domain Registrar: NameSilo, LLC
  • Email: service@boomervin .com
  • Parent Company Address:YINO, 4 Place Henri De Turenne. 66000 Perpignan France
  • Registration number: 839937422
  • Its Website Offers the Following Categories: Women, Men’s, Bottoms Shoes, Pajamas and Festival Series
  • Products on Its website:NASCAR Racer Racing Jacket. NASCAR Racer Racing Budweiser Jacket. NASCAR Racer Racing Jacket. Racing Jacket Snickers Windbreaker.

Social Media Presence

Boomervin provides fake social media icons at its bottom that take you to those social media sites’ home pages. They are not related to business pages or profiles.

Copied Content

Boomervin’s website has many details that match the theme of several problematic sites.

Customer complaints and delivery:

These online shops are criticized for their poor customer service, delivery time and customer support.

Our Final Verdict:

All the facts above clearly show us that Jlypoint website is suspicious.

You can search for suspicious sites by clicking >>>.

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Numerous online stores claim to be selling items at huge discounts, but many of them are frauds. It’s best to avoid new online stores and do some research before purchasing anything from them. Many of these new online shops don’t deliver purchased items to their customers or ship completely different, low-quality products. Many scam websites have taken clients’ credit cards without their authorization. We recommend that you contact your bank immediately if you make a mistake with a purchase from a fraudulent online store.

NOTE: These websites are known to change the name and content of their websites from time-to-time. This review is based only on the information available on the site at the time. If you find additional information than what is provided in the review, that could indicate that this online shop has changed its details. This makes it suspicious.

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