Break Soul Sample {July 2022} Which Album Is Accused? Check Now!

This article is about Break Soul Sample will give all the details about the Beyonce’s Break My Soul song samples.

Is there a stolen sample from Beyonce’s Renaissance? The most eagerly awaited Renaissance album by Beyonce her comeback album, was released at midnight of the 28th of July. Beyonce’s fans across all over the United States, Australia, Canada as well as Canada, the United Kingdom, Brazil and many other countries wait for the release of all songs from the album. What song from the Renaissance album has been being accused of using sample music that were not granted permission? To find out, read this article on the Break Soul Sample to the final.

“Break My Soul” Song Stole Any Sample?

  • According to reports according to the rumors, the Renaissance album was released online prior to its official release. That is the reason the stolen conversations began on social networks.
  • Kelis Shepard, the lead singer of “Get Along With Me,” discovered this through her followers on social media. They informed her that her track especially “Get Along With Me,” is featured in the new track by Beyonce “Break my soul” officially launched a month ago.

What did Kelis said after the incident? Read on to find out more details.

Beyonce Break My Soul Sample And Kelis’s Statement

  • According to “Get Along With Me” singer Kelis she has informed her followers that she was unaware of the song’s sample by Beyonce. She said that Beyonce ought to have inquired before using the song sample.
  • According to Kelis she and Kelis have many friends in common and it was therefore not difficult for Beyonce to reach out to her.
  • In her statement on her official website that she was ok using her own sample. However, Beyonce ought to have made it clear prior to her use as she does with every other artist.

You can see the videos of all of the official statements by Kelis at her official Instagram account(Kelis)

Officially Break My Soul Sample 2 Songs.

the seventh studio album by Beyonce, called the Renaissance has been released. The list of Renaissance album is available and consists of 16 tracks. The first single Beyonce released broken the heart of my soul(no.6).

The song “Break My Soul” samples of “How Me Love,” that featured Robin S. She came to hear about this story by way of her son. She wasn’t aware of the sampling. When she discovered it she was elated and emotional because she was being talked about in social networks. She was grateful for the efforts of Beyonce and expressed her gratitude to her for her participation in this sample.

Break Soul Sample also includes the Big Freedia’s Explode. She expressed her joy to be a part of the break my soul track and was thrilled to hear that she was part of the song.

The lyrics and all the videos from the Renaissance album are accessible on Beyonce’s official YouTube channel that you can check out.


To conclude this post We have updated all our readers on Kelis’s statement regarding the inclusion of her sample song in Beyonce’s song break my soul. Also, we have detailed information about all the samples from Beyonce’s Break My Soul song. If you’d like to learn more about the statement of Kelis go to this .

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