Btb Savage Crime Scene Video Who was BTB Savage?

This blog post on Btb Savage Crime Scene Video informs viewers about the incident which shook social media and his fans.

Is BTB Savage’s footage available online? What were the challenges faced by BTB Savage BTB Savage shared a photograph of a robbery scene. A Houston rap artist was then killed, according to the widely circulated video clip. Despite the delicate circumstances, internet users around the world expressed their dismay and made offensive memes. The short video is not recommended for children, but it has been shared on many social networking sites. This review will provide an overview of what’s shown in Btb Savage Crime Scene Video.

What can you see in the BTB Savage crime scene video?

BTB Savage, a rapper from Houston, River Oaks and Houston was killed on Thursday, March 31, 2023. According to sources, Savage made jokes about his death and slain his rival the day before.

The film, which documents the rapper’s crimes, has been shared widely on Twitter, REddit etc. In the short Btb Savage Crime Scene Twitter, you can see a body lying on the ground. This is the suspected corpse of the rapper.

What was BTB Savage’s most recent post on social networks,

BTB Savage posted photos of his wristwatch to social media hours before the murder. He was standing in front of a dried-bloody kitchen. A cast was placed on the arm of the performer. According to reports the blood had been left on the home after a burglary. He uploaded the image to Twitter, with the caption, “Too much movement.” However, law enforcement officials are still investigating if the dry blood photo was indeed the last moments of BTB Savage.

Was BTB Salvage’s body seen in the viral Btb Sanvage Video Reddit post?

Reddit, Twitter and other social networks shared a recent viral video. It claimed that it was BTB Salvage’s body seen lying on the ground. The circulated images and video may have identified a white Mercedes Benz stopped at the roadside. The car also contained numerous gunshots. The footage also shows a police car and two police officers. The footage also showed a covered body lying on the floor, draped. Many believe that the musician was killed in a gun attack. Swisherpost reports that two unidentified gunmen opened fire upon the rapist and his car following a Subaru pull up to the scene.

BTB Savage’s Facts

BTB Savage was a Cleveland native and has been pursuing rap since his youth. Savage’s financial circumstances ultimately led him to enlist in the military. After being released, Savage became interested in music and started working hard to create his record.

Quick Wikipedia:

Real name- Brian Thompson. Stage name- BTB Svage. Date of birth- unknown. Birthplace- USA Religion: Christianity


BTB Savage, a rapper, was recently attacked and killed. But, police have not released any details. Internet users were horrified by the incident.

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