Calgary City Hall Parking Ticket Scam Check Here!

This article contains information about the Calgary City Hall Parking Ticket Fraud text. It also advises users to take safety precautions.

Did you receive a text message from your mobile about a parking ticket? Surprisingly, not only did you receive it, but so are many others in Canada complaining about the text message they received from Calgary city hall.

Continue reading to learn more about the Calgary City Hall Parking Tickets Scam, and the precautions that you should take.

What is the Parking Ticket Scam and How can I Avoid It?

Official Calgary City Hall has sent an alert advising that a scam SMS has been sent to users from Canada, Australia and other countries regarding parking tickets. If you’ve received one of these messages but can’t remember when it happened, it’s important to be alert.

What should the police say about Calgary City Hall Parking Scam?

Official body and police have released a statement stating that people should not respond to these messages and not provide any personal information. This would be a scam and the person who clicks on any link could be hurt.

One case asks people to pay $103 for the removal of the parking ticket. This is part of the Calgary City Hall Parking Ticket Scam. Everyone in the country should be aware and take the necessary precautions.

What precautions should everyone take?

Do not respond to suspicious texts if you want to safeguard your bank details and identity from these scammers. It is better to report any suspicious text to the police if you are unsure if it is a scam.

To report the Calgary City Hall Parking Ticket Scam, please call 403-266-1234.

What is the Parking Ticket Message’s content?

The message states that the person is facing a parking ticket and must pay a certain amount. A deadline is also mentioned. The message contains a link. After the customer clicks, the data is directly taken. This scam could steal your bank account information and other information.


Everybody wants to be safe from scams, especially active ones like the Calgary City Hall Parking Ticket Scam. It is best to take the necessary precautions and protect your money and information from scammers.

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