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The article explains in depth China’s Acrobat Fall to Death Video as well as the reasons it’s being discussed across the web, as well as the real reasons for the tragedy.

Are you awestruck by the acrobatic feats of Acrobats? Have you been enthralled from afar by the flying feats they perform and amazing moments? But what happens if the acrobats dropped to the ground without knowing and claimed the lives of those around them? The person could have perished! Similar incidents have occurred in the past and put the people of The Philippines, United States, Canada, United Kingdom in stupor. This article explains in detail the specifics of the Chinese Acrobat Falling to Death Video and the causes for it, as well as the results of the accident.

Causes of the problem

The most popular video on the internet shows amazing performers Sun Moumou and Zhang Moumou performing at a stage show in Hougao, which is located in middle of the Anhui Province village of Hougao. The first part of this Viral On Reddit post went smoothly and both were tied to a cable and soaring in the air, but they did not wear safety belts.

In one scene, Sun was standing on the husband’s feet. The next step was to ask Sun to secure her husband’s neck. Which she did, however she lost her hold on the head of her husband and her husband was unable to help her. The acrobat’s wife then fell from an altitude of 30 feet and this was the real story behind the TikTok video. When she fell from the cable, people was quick to get them to hospital however it proved to be not worth the effort and the acrobat died. life.


If we take a close look at those clips of the incident which was made all over Twitter The woman been unable to maintain her equilibrium. So, the initial chance of saving her did not work however the husband could have been more focused during the moment, he may have saved his wife and this is the common opinion among people on a variety of social media sites, including Instagram.

There was speculation about her husband’s involvement due to the Chinese news the report states by the media that Zhang and Sun had a fight prior to the show, which is the reason Sun did not wear her belt for safety.

Zhung in an interview strongly opposed the report and said that they were a happy married couple. He also spoke of his sorrow over losing his wife. Thus, a variety of rumours were appearing on the internet as well as several Telegram channels about the clip.

People’s reactions at the cutting

The public’s reaction was two distinct ways: one group of individuals expressed sorrow in the relationship of the two, and others criticised the host’s incompetence. If someone is doing certain stunts from thirty feet high, they must always wear a safety belt. But Sun did not, and the host continued to run their program. A majority of viewers criticized the lack of safety precautions in the acrobat show.

Final Event

When the Acrobat falls to her death Full Video became viral, the world’s attention was focused on this incident. The government officials took the matter to further investigate and fined the host for performing commercial performances that were not approved in that zone. However, it was all due to the video that prompted officials to move quicker.

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