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This post Chinese Stations Police will detail all information regarding police stations set up by China in other nations.

Did you realize that the Chinese government opened police stations in many countries. People from Australia (Australia), Canada, the United Kingdom and Nigeria are all eager to hear about the new changes made by Chinese government. We’ll be covering all aspects of Chinese Stations Police. So please continue reading.

How is the Chinese government opening up overseas police stations to serve its interests?

China’s government has announced the establishment of illegal police stations throughout many countries. Sources report that China has opened 54 new police stations in thirty countries. These stations were established by the Chinese government for Chinese citizens who live abroad. The sources claim these stations have been set up to search for China’s enemies and retrieve information. These police stations could be the source of global security threats. You can read more

What does Canada think?

According to reports from China, there are three new police stations located in Toronto, Canada. These stations were created to watch out for Chinese living in Canada. According to sources, Canadians strongly object and state that it is wrong to allow illegal police stations.

Also, reports indicate that it violates the rights of individuals. Experts agree that China wants its presence to be worldwide. Many people wanted to know if China opened Chinese police stations in America. The answer is yes. A Chinese police station exists in the United States. It is located at New York. These stations can be a source of bullying for Chinese nationals living abroad and are strongly opposed to by human rights campaigners. You can find this link

You can find out more about China’s overseas police station by visiting this link

Chinese Stations Police. FAQs

1- Why is China opening foreign police stations?

China is opening its stations overseas to provide assistance for Chinese citizens.

2 – Is China infringing any laws worldwide by opening up police stations?

Yes, China is violating laws and territorial integrity of other countries.

3- How many countries has China’s police stations?

Currently there are 53 police stations in 30 different countries.

4 – How will the people who work in these police stations be known?

They will be called liaison officer.

5: Does Nigeria have Chinese Police Stations?

According to recent reports of the Chinese Embassy in Nigeria, there are no Chinese-operated stations.

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