Clearwater Beach Suicide {June}Read Murder For Self-Defense?

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Do you love jet-skiing and parasailing? If so, you have dreamed of going to Clearwater Beach. Haven’t you? It’s among the most beautiful and sought-after beaches for visitors to America. United States. However, in recent times there were a lot of incidents that occurred in the beach.

The latest incident was heart-breaking for many people. According to reports the incident occurred about 4-6 days ago between the man and woman. It’s unclear if the incident was suicide, or an act of murder. We’ll look at the details on the Clearwater Beach Suicide.

Was it a Suicide or a Murder?

The solution to this question is “self-defense. The incident was unique, as an individual was shot dead by a woman with an gun. He attempted to forcefully enter the bedroom of a lonely woman, and she pulled out her gun and shot the man.

When the police arrived at the scene of the crime at the scene, they saw the body of the man’s deceased. It was found dead right there and the woman told police that the man had fatally crashed into her bedroom.

Investigators’ Opinions On Clearwater Beach Shooting 

According to the police they received a call from a woman at 8:45 am. They tried to contact her the scene as soon as they could and observed something peculiar. After a thorough investigation they learned some details about the person who was the suspect. He was 26-year-old Justin William Wright.

They also said they were injured as she attempted to defend herself. Furthermore it was legal purchased by the woman. Further investigations, judgements and identities still need to be verified.

Why is Clearwater Beach Suicide Trending?

The case in question is controversial due to the confusion among the people. A few people believed that it could be suicide. In the meantime they are still trying to figure out whether it was a murder or self-defense and the full report aren’t yet available.

We aren’t even aware of the identity of the woman and the autopsy report. We believe we should wait until the investigation team comes to an appropriate conclusion.

What Can be the Punishment?

If we are to think in a rational manner about this incident, the Clearwater Beach Shooting ,we must know about the punishments that females could be facing. Therefore, as per the law and order that govern the United States, self-defense killings do not come under the purview of criminal acts. Thus, if a person is persuaded to kill another to defend themselves, they are able to be protected from criminal charges as long as the act is described.

However, there’s a clause in this situation that the defendant has to prove the existence of a threat to avoid arrest for the murder. The woman who killed Justin must prove innocence in order to avoid any further sanctions. In the event of a conviction, she could be punished by execution or jail for the rest of her life.


In conclusion, Clearwater Beach Suicidewas an absolute tragedy. If it was self-defense then we should be thankful for the courage of the woman who committed suicide and promise to do exactly what she did. If it was a crime We hope that the perpetrator receives the appropriate and deserved punishment imposed by law.

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