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Coles MasterCard – Do you have one? Coles can issue two types MasterCards, one for credit cards and one for gift cards. Coles credit card were introduced several years ago. Coles recently launched MasterCard Gift Cards in Australia for customers who are experiencing rising inflation.

Did you ever wonder what Coles had to offer in exchange for a gift certificate? Are you a Coles Mastercard holder? Do you know the Coles Mastercard Balance Com Au amount?

Checking out the balance of Coles giftcard:

As Coles issued MasterCard gift cards, you can check the balance by visiting or by calling their customer support at 1(877)322-4710.

Coles unveiled the gift cards on Wednesday, 15 June-2022. Coles gave its customers a 10% discount when they purchased an AU$100 or AU$250 MasterCard gift cards in purple. This was to help them deal with the soaring costs. It began issuing a AU$100 MasterCard Gift Card in yellow.

The AU$250 Gift Card costs AU$231.30. There is an AU$7 fee. An AU$18.70 benefit is provided by the Coles MasterCard Balance Com Au initial Coles Mastercard balance Com au . The AU$100 gift cards cost AU$94.50. There is a AU$5 transaction fee. The customer will receive AU$5.50 in a benefit and the gift card’s total value will be AU$100.

The promotion launched in June-2022. 58% of customers used gift coupons for grocery purchases. Coles gift certificates cannot be used at Coles Express, Liquorland, or Coles Express. It cannot be used to purchase cash, store credit, cashback, or withdraw money from ATMs.

Coles MasterCard gift card are valid for four year from the date of issue. Hence, if they want to check Coles Mastercard Balance Com Au, they need to visit or call 1(877)322-4710. You can present them at any counter that accepts MasterCards.

Checking your balance with Coles MasterCard credit Card:

Coles Supermarkets Australia Pty Ltd. Limited issues Coles MasterCard credit Cards distributed by National Australia Bank Limited. The credit cards are valid for four years after the issue date.

By calling 1(300.306-397, you can check the MasterCard credit card balance. To activate the Coles MasterCard Credit Cards, you must first use an activation code and activation ID. You can also check the balance by calling 1 (300)306-397.

Coles Mastercard balance Com Au 

Coles MasterCard credit Cards offer a wide range of rewards and benefits. These include points, no fee, low rates and flybuys. For a full picture of the value and balance of benefits, call 1 (300)306-397.


Coles Supermarkets Australia Pty Ltd is the distributor of both Coles MasterCard gift vouchers and credit cards. These cards are valid for a period of four years. The MasterCard gift card website can be used to check the balance of the gift card. Call their customer support to verify the balance of your Coles MasterCard Credit Card.

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