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This article we’ll be discussing this scam, the scam known as the Cra Interac Scam. We provide all the details concerning the scam, as well as the confirmation of legitimacy.

Are you a resident from Canada? Are you receiving a shady message or call from CRA? Before you decide to answer these messages or calls, read on. These fake messages are delivered through scammers that can get your personal information and remove your bank balance.

Canadians are terrified of receiving the Revenue Agency message nowadays. Instead of appearing to be Legit the message seems to be a fraud. For those who don’t have any idea about the scam of the Cra Interac Scam can get all the information they need here.

About Scam of Cra Interac

A group of criminals is sending out an email or making a phone message to those from Canada who are sharing an email. It’s an electronic transmission of monthly income that is collected by the government, in order to enable you to pay it using the hyperlink below.

In the meantime, while looking at those cases, the primary model of CRA issued a notice informing public that they will not need to request an e-transfer in order to collect revenue. Instead, the customers directly be credited to their account from the genuine source of the CRA.

Cra Interac Scam : Notifications

A message appears with an Interac electronic transfer reminder that contains the email ID as well as the hyperlink where you must deposit the funds. You will also see the message that states that XXX amount has been received through the CRA. The amount can be deposited at the bank using the hyperlink below.

The CRA confirms that the message is a fraud and advises the recipients to fend off scammers with the scammers a Police warning about the case or becoming violent. Additionally, please contact the local police station and make a complaint against the calls or messages. CRA is not announcing any threat-based warnings.

Cra Interac Scam : Recent Case

Recently, a student filed a complaint with the police concerning the CRA email transfer scam. The student stated that he got a text from CRA telling him that he owes $550.44 towards CRA. Additionally, he is able to transfer the funds using the link for e-transfers in the email.

The student was suspicious and reported the matter with the Waterloo area police station. After filing a complaint, police receive numerous scam calls or messages propagating through the CRA. The police informed authorities in the revenue department about scams like the cra Interac Scam and the CRA stood up to warn that the messages were scams. We don’t promote E transactions that contain personal data. You can also check the CRA account prior to making any payment.


A new theft scam is taking place across Canada, where individuals are being swindled in the name of an CRA agency. Citizens are receiving an unsettling message about payments from CRA. But, CRA denies that alert and claims it is a fraud.

Did you receive some messages from the Cra Interac Scam messages? Comment in the section below. For with more details about the situation, please visit

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