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The details regarding the fire and the people who died are explained by the author of the piece. You can find out more by reading the De Guzman Villanueva Family Dies.

What transpired in the De Guzman family? What happened at the time of the incident? Who was killed? Do you have any information about the tragedy that took place on the Philippines? Many are looking for specifics about the fire incident which occurred. Read the article to get additional details about what happened to the De Guzman Villanueva Family Died.

About the fire accident

A few days ago, in Pozorrubio, Pangasinan, a family of five members was killed through a fire incident on the 3rd April 2023. The incident began around 12.10 a.m. then it spread to nearby homes and also. The police were on the location, and an investigation was initiated. The investigation is ongoing regarding the cause of the fire. In the meantime, users on social media believed that the fire was caused by an electric bike that was left unattended for a night. A man aged 34 and his wife Dixie aged 36, died. The couple’s three children, who were three, two and one year old, were found dead at the spot.

De Guzman Villanueva Family Fire

The fire started to spread the family was caught in the flames and their bodies found hugging each other. The incident was described by in SF04 Randy Fabro, acting fire marshal for the Bureau of Fire Protection Pozorrubio. The house also contained five other residents. Bombo Radyo Dagupan reports that the initial investigation by authorities concluded that the fire occurred in the garage of the home in which appliances were disconnected. The firefighters put out the fire about 2:58 a.m. It is believed to be P9 millions worth of properties were destroyed. As tributes were paid on behalf of the victim, condolences are sent to their loved relatives.

The Causes of Death

The police have investigated the motive of the fire incident. It is believed that the fire resulted from electric appliances that were incredibly charged. It is believed that the reason for the fire was due to the excessive charges of the bike , which produced sparks of fire that caused accidents and deaths.

Be cautious when charging electrical appliances and make sure that it is shut off properly. It is possible to avoid accidents by being mindful of power sources. An non-governmental organisation (NGO) solicited donations to aid victims of the fire. Further details on De Guzman Villanueva Family Died are provided below.


Family name De Guzman Villanueva Family The name of the father: Mark age:36 Children 3 Age of children 6, 2 and 1. They passed away on 3 April 2023. The cause of death was Fire accident . Place where death occurred: Philippines

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According to the online sources according to sources online, according to online sources, the De Guzman Villanueva Family Died Five members of the family who lost their lives. They were trapped in the house, which eventually caused the death of five members. The fire incident occurred on April 3, Monday. According to reports the fire was spread to three other homes as well. The incident took place around 12.10 early in the day. Find out more information about the incident on the internet.

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