Diaiana Reviews {Aug} This Is A Legitimate Or Scam Website?

This post about Diaiana Reviews offers all the details regarding the services offered by the internet portal, allowing you to assess the site’s credibility. Visit our blog to learn more.

Are you searching for higher quality items on the internet portal? Are you looking to purchase the items you want through an online store? If so, this portal is the one you have to know about. It has amazing items. The web site offers world-wideservice.

This article about Diaiana Review will include all information about the website portal’s products, allowing you to assess the merits. For more information, read the blog listed below.

What is Diaiana.com?

It is a shopping online website. This website is flexible. It offers a variety of items like bags, shoes sunglasses, bags, etc. The website is merely catalogs of products with no images, however when you click on the product there are no items on the website. Since the company sells all of its products via its online store customers are able to decide the authenticity of Diaiana. Legit or an untrue website.

The Specifications of Diaiana.com:

  • The Domain’s URL:Diaiana.com
  • The website was discovered at:The webpage was designed on the 22nd July 2022.
  • A date for expiration for an internet page:The web portal will expire on the 22nd of July, 2023.
  • email addressNo details about it’s email address is provided.
  • The site’s real locationis: There is no information about its address, however the site accepts return requests at 659E Flagler St #175 Miami, FL 33131, USA.
  • Time to deliver:The website allows 5-10 business days to deliver their purchase.
  • Service for Free Delivery: No details on the policy of free shipping are available.
  • Delivery for standard shipping:Under Diaiana Reviews No details are available for the standard delivery.
  • Number to call:No details about their number of contact is available.
  • Web developer details: There is no information on the web designer.
  • Social sites platforms The website does not display logos of social platforms displayed on its website.
  • Return Timing:It offers 14 days of return services on its purchase.
  • Payment methods: PayPal, Visa, Master card, etc.

Positive aspects from Diaiana.com:

  • It provides a variety of ways for payment.
  • It also offers easy return services for orders.

Negatives points from Diaiana.com:

  • It hasn’t mentioned its email address.
  • It has not provided its web developer information.

Does Diaiana Legit or a fake website?

Buyers should read all information on the website and the products it sells and verify the authenticity of any transaction. These points will help you to judge the credibility of the website:

  • The introduction to the site:The webpage was designed on the 22nd July 2022.
  • Trust score:The webpage has a low trust rating, only 22 percent.
  • Content copied percent: No data on the percentage of duplicate content of the site is available.
  • Coupon Rate: It provides a 25 discount on its products.
  • The validity of email addresses:No detail about its email address is available.
  • Account on Social Site: As per Diaiana Reviews, There aren’t any logos for the social network on the site’s webpage.
  • Web website:There are no details about the address, but the site accepts return requests at 659E Flagler Street, # 175 Miami, FL 33131, USA.
  • Exchange Service: It provides exchange service for its customers.
  • charge of returnNo information regarding the return freight are provided.
  • Ranking on Alexa There is no information aboutthe Alexa rank on this website is available.
  • Order cancellation details: The order can be cancelled within 60 mins after the date the order was placed.
  • Modal Refund Method:Refunds get transferred within 30 days.
  • Terms and Conditions:It has separate policy pages on its website.

Diaiana Reviews:

There aren’t any reviews from customers about the products on its portal. Global Alexa ranking for this website is not accessible. In addition, the portal is not available on social media sites and no reviews on its products are accessible on social networks or on online sites. Buyers must follow the steps below: to get their money back Refunded from Paypal If You’ve Been Scammed


The website has no prior experience in the market. There aren’t any customers for their products. The website has a low. The website does not have social platforms logos, and there aren’t any reviews on its products on its social platform and on its online platform, as per the Diaiana reviews. This site is vulnerable to scams, and we advise customers take care. Buyers should also followthe steps below.

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