Dieckhaus Evelyn Funeral Who Is Dieckhaus Evelyn?

The article discusses Evelyn and the massacre at the school. You can read Dieckhaus Evelyn’s Funeral to get more details.

Who is Dieckhaus Evelyn, and how did she get there? What happened in Covenant School? 2023: Who died in the incident? People are still shocked after learning about the incident. Further investigations continue into the incident in the United States. You can read more about Dieckhaus Evelyn Funeral.

Who are Dieckhaus Evelyn and

Dieckhaus was just 9 years old. She was 9 years old when she was born in Tennessee, on August 2. The names of her father are not public. Katy Dieckhaus was the name of her mother. Dieckhaus was one the students at the covenant school. People around the world are grieving the loss. People were interested to know more about Evelyn when Evelyn’s name was made public. There was very little information on social media platforms.

Dieckhaus Evelyn Obituary

Evelyn Dieckhaus has yet to have a Wikipedia page. There are only limited details available on Dieckhaus and it was difficult to learn more. According to online sources she was 9 years old. The assailants killed two more 9-year-olds and also killed Dieckhaus. All the others were in their sixties at the time. Mike Hill, Cynthia Peak and Cynthia Peak were both 61 years of age. Katherine Koonce, 60 years, was the other staff member. You can find out more about TWITTER by clicking the link below.

Who shot the Covenant school’s shooter?

Audrey Hale was the shooter. Audrey Hale, a transgender woman and former student at the covenant school, was well-known. We don’t have any more information about the shooter. Audrey lost her life because she was shot by the officer. The police had no choice but shoot Audrey to stop her. Unfortunately, the bullet did not go through her. The incident has been shocking for both the national and local communities.

The Nashville tragedy, which resulted in Hale’s passing, has claimed seven lives. One of the shooters was an ex student at the school. Audrey carried a large weapon. Her weapons included a handgun, two assault rifles, and a pistol. Additional investigations are ongoing and officers are trying to find the cause of this terrible event. Funeral of the Dieckhaus was among the first victims to be shot during the incident.

Wiki Name

Evelyn Dieckhaus Birthname: Evelyn Marie Dieckhaus Age: 9 Years Born: 2 August 2013, Nashville, Tennessee. Mother: Katy Dieckhaus Father not known Sisters: sister Died: March 27, 2023. The article did NOT promote illegal content. This information is provided for informational purposes only. The information on this page was compiled from reliable sources.


According to online sources, a mass shooting took place at the covenant school. Evelyn and six others were among those who died in the shooting. Another two children, and three employees, were killed in the shooting. Police identified the shooter and took care of it. Learn more about the shooting.

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