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This post was written by Dino Elyassnia Khazar in order to inform readers about the suspected couple that may have been involved with a murder.

Who Are Dino Elyassnia And Khazar Mumeni? Is the stunning pair linked to the murder Bob Lee’s? Dr. Dino Elyassnia is a plastic surgery who did not shy away from the limelight, and he attracted many people, both from the United States as well as from around the globe. He posted frequently about how to improve people’s necks or noses on social networks and extolled the virtues of his wife Khazar Mumeni. Check out why Dino Elyassnia Khazar was in the media.

Why did Dino, Nima & Khazar Elyassnia make the news?

Dino, and Nima who once dominated the media, are now embroiled with a murder investigation that has attracted attention from all over the world. The legal documents suggest that although neither Dino nor Nima is being prosecuted, the death could have been caused by a dispute regarding Khazar Mumeni.

In contrast, the arrest of Nima Mumeni this week in connection with Bob Lee’s murder, Cash App’s founder, and IT executive Bob Lee, has brought his beautiful sister and brother-in-law to the forefront. According to the prosecution, Khazar and Bob could have a romance, as was mentioned in several Reviews.

When was the couple in court?

Nima Momeni appeared before a court in the first time ever on Friday, April 15th 2023. Momeni wore designer sunglasses and raised her eyebrows. Her spouse, in a dark-colored suit, grabbed her hand and scowled while sighing.

Elyassnia’s only response to the press was a quick “no reply”. Nima’s Sister and the surgical Services Person appeared in the Superior Court of San Francisco, surrounded by members of the media.

What is the accusation of the prosecutor?

Nima momeni was accused of interrogating Lee about an “unsuitable’ interaction with his younger brother, and then consuming illegal substances before murdering Lee in the early morning hours of April 4, 2023.

According to court records one of Lee’s friends admitted to authorities, that despite his ignorance of any romantic connection between Khazar Momeni, and Lee, they thought their relationship might be in jeopardy.

Elyassnia – Additional Information

Elyassnia’s entire family, who are of Armenian and Assyrian descent, left Iran in the aftermath of the Iranian Revolution. He was born in California and studied medicine at Southern California University.

Elyassnia initially considered becoming a heart specialist due to the influence of his two surgeons uncles. Elyassnia later realized that his artistic personality was too strong to be a vasculature expert.


Bob Lee’s case, involving Nima & Dino, has been given a new twist. New information recently revealed has further clarified the stabbing murder of IT tycoon Bob Lee in April 2023. Nima momeni is suspected of murdering the Cash App creator, contrary to earlier assumptions that Nima had been the victim in a “random crime” on the streets.

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