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This article includes details about Doug Mulray Family, his cause of death, and other pertinent information. Who is Doug Mulray What happened? Doug Mulray is a well-known Australian radio and television personality. Mulray entertained audiences for decades with his fast, humorous, and often mocking humor. Doug Mulray, an experienced radio host, was taken to Sydney Hospital. For more information about Mulray’s family, including his cause of death and details regarding his loved ones, read Doug Mulray Family article.

Doug Mulray, Death

Doug Mulray, an acclaimed radio and television broadcaster, has passed away at the age 71. Doug Mulray’s passing has not been made public. Mulray’s death has been confirmed. He died Friday, 31/03/2023. On the 30th March 2023, he stated in the hospital’s ICU that he would sometimes like to spend time in ICU. Sydney Hospital confirmed the death of Doug Mulray, reporting that it was due to a long-term illness.

Doug Mulray is well-known for

Doug Mulray, the famous broadcaster personality, has died. Mulray was conceived on the 1st of Dezember 1951. His long career was in radio and television. After his broadcasting course, he began his career at 2AD. It is located in Armidale. He began his work in 2GO in a Central Coast position. Doung Mulray, Mulray and the man from 3AW Melbourne were cast in 1970. This article is intended to be informative. We do not promote illegal content.

Doug Mulray Wife

Doug Mulray was a popular comedian on television and radio. Mulray was raised in Sydney’s Northern Beaches. He was multitalented as a comedian, writer, and actor and had an impact on the entertainment industry. Mulray was conceived in Sydney, in 1949.

Before he became a radio entertainer, he was a school teacher. Mulray gained fame on Triple M radio’s Doug Mulray Breakfast Show, in 1980. Mulray quickly gained fame and was a household name. Mulray was married Liz Muir. Mulray’s wife, Liz Muir Doug Mulray supported and encouraged him throughout his career.

Doug Mulray,

Mulray is said to have been married twice according to sources. Lynette was Mulray’s first wife. They had twins. One is a boy; one is a girls. Murray’s son Thomas is named after him, while Rosemary is Murray’s daughter. Mulray and Lynette divorced. Mulray has two talented children. Thomas Mulray is a producer and musician. Rosemary, his child, is an illustrator.

Both of Mulray’s children are following in his artistic footsteps. Mulray’s children both follow in the footsteps of their father’s creativity. Mulray often mentioned his pride in Doug Mulray Twins during interviews.

More on Doug Mulray Doug Mulray is a New Zealander who was born in Auckland. At a young age, he moved to Sydney with the rest of his family. Brent is his older brother. His parents’ details are not known.


Doug Mulray, a veteran radio presenter from Sydney, was the most entertaining and funny of all time. He has died at the age of 71. This link will provide more information about Doug Mulray, Radio Legend.

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