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Read this article to find out the details about the Draymond Green Jordan Poole Video, and find the full details about the battle between them.

Did you see the Draymond Green Jordan Poole Video that is growing in popularity through social networks with Draymond Green as well as Jordan Poole? Everyone in the United States and other countries are awed by the video.

If you’re curious about what transpires between these two characters and the reasons why people are talking about them, check out this article till the very end.

Why is there a lot of tension in the relationship between Draymond Green and Jordan Poole?

Draymond Green and Jordan Poole Fight video are becoming popular on the internet. Two famous NBA players Draymond Green as well as Jordan Poole got into a fight that resulted in physical violence. It was observed that tensions between the two players began at the time of the training camp.

Both are excellent teammates but this disagreement could end up being a negative for the team.

Draymond Green Punch Poole Could this be a gossip, or an official assertion?

It is known that Draymond Green hit his teammates Jordan Poole which was told by the general manager of the Warriors, Bob Myers. What is the possible reason for this incident? Everything that happened between these two players occurred in a workout, and the cause is unclear.

The complete statement of Myers in relation to Jordan Poole Vs Draymond Green is on Twitter.

What is the penalty imposed by the authorities to Green?

Myers clarifies that disciplinary measures will be determined. He also clarified that the punishment for Draymond for his behavior wouldn’t be announced publicly and will be handled in-house.

Will Draymond be returning to the team?

There is no public announcement about returning Draymond following his incident Draymond Green and Jordan Poole Video gets viral on the internet. However, the general manager of the team has stated that the decision to return Draymond Green will be decided by head coach, Steve Kerr.

Draymond Green returned to the following day to apologize to his coaches, teammates, and other team members for his behavior.

Final Words

Since the reasons for this aren’t clear We are unable to determine who’s blame is it, but the Warriors group and players on the team are not happy with the incident. It’s also obvious that the conflict between the two players isn’t related to contracts and we’ll keep an eye on the final report.

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