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The article explains in detail the reasoning that led to the hottest Draymond Green Sabonis video as well as its motives in a fair way.

On the 17th of April 2023, the most awaited NBA contest between Golden State Warriors’ and the Sacramento Kings’ began, and the start of the game had everyone sitting on their chairs. However, the 2nd quarter portion of the game brought the residents from America, Canada and the United States, Canada in terrible pain due to the “non sportsmanlike “action of Draymond Green, who threw his opponent Sabonis. The shocking incident shook the entire world as it was the reason why Draymond Green Sabonis Video went all over the internet.

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SAN FRANCISCO – The video of Game 2 in the Warriors-Kings playoff series which keeps players putting on a thinking hat and left some questions:

Was there an acceptable method to allow Green to free himself from the grip of the Sabons’ larger size? Where was the appropriate location for Green’s right paw to land after it was freed?

The above and other issues are likely to have gotten the attention of Dumars when he was discussing Draymond Green Sabonis Video. A long-time acquaintance to Draymond Green, who serves as the NBA’s vice-president and head of basketball operations. The coach Steve Kerr, who spoke directly with Dumars on Tuesday night or the general manager Bob Myers elaborated on the talks the two had Green or anyone else in the NBA. It was clear that Myers was angry and both Kerr as well as Kevon Looney had questions.

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The stomping incident occurred in the fourth third of the match, when Malik, the Kings teammate Malik attempted to place the ball on the rim, and all the Golden State Warriors were gathered around the rim in order to take the ball. The whole thing was broadcast and released. They were made Viral On Reddit.

However, the ball did not drop into the rim, therefore the state warriors were rush to get the ball. While waiting because of this rush Kings players Sabonis dropped his weight and tumbled to the ground He grabbed his feet and those of Draymond Green to provide additional support. However, greens suddenly stepped away and kicked on Sabonis’s chest. Sabonis. The clip was widely shared on Youtube.

The video clearly shows that Sabonis was unintentionally injured due to a lack balance in that region However, if Green’s move was intended, he would be able to let Sabonis hand fall off his feet. There was no need to step across his chest.

A majority of Tiktok developers have recorded the instances. Even when Draymond made mistakes, he didn’t regret his decision; Instead, he got into an argument with the crowd, since all of them were supporters of the Kings team, and they were against the greens’ action. The battles with fans were shared on YouTube.

The real image of Green was viewed by everyone according to the rules of basketball, Draymond Green was ejected from the game due to hurting his opponent. Green’s demotion was shared via social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook, and the majority of people were in favor by the official. After the game the interview was scheduled to discuss the stomping issue. In the conversation, Greens said that the match was match for playoffs and everyone’s obligation was to to defend the team and franchise.

He did not offer any apology or explanations to justify his conduct. Therefore, the player Wojnarowski was adamant about the act of violence, stating that he doesn’t feel remorseful for his actions.

Green’s appearance on the show has also angered many fans, and the Golden State Warriors’ officials issued an announcement on Twitter saying that it’s accidental and that he ought to have put his leg elsewhere.

The incident did not affect the outcome for Golden State Warriors. Golden State Warriors; they came back strong and took the game by scoring an impressive 114-points against Sacramento Kings’ team. The winning and stomping moment videos are available in the Telegram channel too.


It is reported that the Golden State Warriors player was exiled from the match There are no any further details regarding his suspension. Everyone is looking to win by battling with their willpower however, not against their rivals. However, greens fail to grasp this concept and, as a result, the Draymond Green Stomp Video is popular on the internet rather than his wins.

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