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The article gives the facts regarding the Ellerie Marie Ricegum incident which occurred recently, as well as people’s reactions to the story.

Have you heard about the YouTuber Ricegum? All over the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia are stunned to hear the news that rice gum is losing the unborn baby of his partner, Ellerie Marie.

The couple revealed the devastating news via a video and the public showed their sympathy for the couple and wished them a the best of health. We will cover all pertinent details of Ellerie Marie Ricegum’s death and their child’s unborn death in this piece. Be sure to check back for updates.

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Ricegum lost his baby He then published the news on the internet. The announcement stated that the family was in utter shock. Their family and friends were thrilled to welcome the baby, however God had other plans for them and they were devastated.

The video traces the couple’s journey through pregnancy, including ultrasounds and the baby shower as well as the devastating news of losing their 35 week baby inside the womb. The news was an utter shock, not just to their followers, but the couple too and they were shocked in a major way.

What is Ellerie Marie Age?

It was just a few days prior to the baby’s due to arrive when they came to find out that the baby was missing its heartbeat. Ellerie is just 22 years older and expecting her first child along with RiceGum, his boyfriend. In the video, we discover the baby’s name was one they lost. He says she is the most adorable baby girl, with cheeks that are soft and chubby and an adorable button nose. He added that it was to be like she was asleep.

Details of Ellerie Marie Ethnicity

Ellerie is a native of San Diego, USA. She is a well-known Tiki Tok celebrity and is extremely engaged on her social media channels, particularly her tik tok. Har’s race is White but there are some websites that describe her as having a multi-racial background since the mother of her is Mexican as is her dad, who’s Irish.

She created her tik Tok account in 2019 and within a short time she was a household name and had a huge following of fans. Her videos were mostly funny and focused on teens. Her merchandise includes T-shirts as well as phones cases.

Ellerie Marie Reddit Information

The announcement of the couple’s loss of their child has broken the couple and their followers. Ricegum is a popular YouTuber and had not made any videos in two years. It shocked the fans of his comeback video was to share the details about his loss of the unborn child. The video reveals that at the age of 35 weeks the world fell apart when they discovered that they’d lost their baby despite having all tests and medical records that were perfect. The precise cause of this tragic event will remain a mystery for a long time, since nothing is described within the medical reports.

When will Ellerie Marie Birthday celebrated?

Ellerie Marie was born the 8th of January 2002. Her birth sign of the zodiac is Capricorn. Ellerie Marie is of American nationality. She has gained a lot of fame for her fans thanks to tik tok as well as engaging on social media. However, the most recent news has stunned his fans and they have expressed their sincere condolences. Ricegum and Ellerie split in the past few years and then reconnected together and wanted to have a baby in the near future, but then the tragic event that took place hit them hard which led to the loss of their baby.


Ricegum is also known as a renowned musician, and whether Ricegum will be returning to YouTube with new content is not known. We are all aware that the couple requires privacy to heal from the devastating loss of their first child.

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