Erin Napier daughter illness Check Who is Erin Napier?

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Who is Erin Napier?

Erin Ben Napier and Ben Napier, who are popular as the hosts of HGTV series Home Town, have settled in the city in Laurel, Mississippi, where they buy and renovate old homes. Erin has a career in graphic design for corporate clients and has since become an artist while Ben is a graduate with an academic degree in the field of history and is a skilled woodworker. They are both passionate about conserving and updating old homes. Through their series, they help families to purchase houses and then transform them into stunning and practical living spaces, using Erin’s design expertise as well as Ben’s woodworking knowledge.

The popularity in the success of Home Town has resulted in several spinoffs, including Home Town Takeover and Home Town Kickstart. The Napiers have been featured on the covers of magazines like People, Country Living, Southern Living, and Cowboys and Indians and were selected to the Fortune 50 Greatest Leaders List in 2021. They’ve co-authored the New York Times best-selling book, Make Something Good Today and Erin has published her debut young-adult novel, The Lantern House, in 2022.

If they’re not renovating their homes, they run Laurel Mercantile which is a store in downtown Laurel that is a specialist in American-made heirlooms as well as durable items. Erin as well as Ben have recently increased their operations by opening an industrial facility to produce countertop and cutting board which will boost their local economy. They also spend time playing with two of their daughters Helen Mae and Mae.

Erin Napier daughter illness

When she was born, Mae Napier received a diagnosis of a congenital problem. Congenital problems are abnormalities that occur at birth and may be caused by genetic causes or environmental triggers. Statistics show that about 6 percent of all newborns suffer from a congenital anomaly that result in several hundred thousand deaths every year.

The effect of a congenital disorder in a baby’s overall health as well as development may differ. In some instances the consequences can be minimal, while in other instances children, they may suffer serious health issues or handicaps throughout their life.However the extent of the illness and whether she’ll need to deal with disabilities in the future are not clear in the moment.

What is the illness Erin Napier daughter have?

The daughter of Erin Napier, Mae, was born with congenital issues in the womb. The exact details of Mae’s illness aren’t mentioned in the provided information. Congenital problems refer to any medical issue that a child develops. They can be minor to serious and their impact on a child’s health as well as development is different. While certain congenital disorders might have a minimal or no impact on a child’s overall health but others can result in physical disabilities or health issues lasting for the rest of their lives. In Mae’s situation, her medical condition requires physical therapy however, based on Erin’s Instagram post, she’s doing well and growing stronger each day.

Is Erin as well as Ben Napier daughter have down syndrome?

The husband of Erin Napier, Ben Napier, who co-stars alongside her on the show HGTV’s Home Town, recently underwent surgery for his rotator-cuff. The positive side is that he’s recovering, and all appears to be doing well. The Napiers have taken to Instagram to update their followers about Ben’s health. They posted photos of him recovering at his home. In the photo, Ben is seen reclining on a sofa with his arm and shoulder in a sling. He is being surrounded by stuffed animals and a letter from his daughter Helen and pink hearts on it. It seems that Helen has recently turned 5years old, has been helping her dad recover from the operation.

The couple also have a baby girl, Mae, who is 19 months old. Celebrities and fans alike, like Amy Roloff from TLC’s Little People, Big World, have left comments on the post and expressed their hope for Ben’s quick recovery. Many have posted their own stories of having shoulder surgery and offered Ben tips, urging Ben to follow the advice of his doctor and continue the physical therapy.

The newest Season of Home Town is currently airing on HGTV and the spinoff show, Home Town Takeover, was slated to air in 2021. On the show, they collaborated with a different renovation team to redevelop the whole township located in Wetumpka, Alabama.

Erin Napier daughter health problems

Mae Napier, the younger daughter of Ben and Erin Napier, was born on May 28, 2021 and will be one year old in May 2022. Mae’s older sister Helen was born on the 3rd of January of 2018, and just became four years old. The Napier family regularly posts updates and pictures of their daughters on social networks.

But, Mae was diagnosed with a congenital issue at birth, meaning she’s suffered from health issues since her time pregnant. Congenital diseases can be passed down through the generations or triggered by environmental factors , and cause about 6percent of all newborns in the world and cause a number of deaths every year.

The effects of a congenital disorder affects a child’s overall health as well as development may range from mild to extreme, and some children might live with health issues for the rest of their lives. Even though Mae is a victim of a congenital disorder but it’s unclear the severity of her condition or whether she’ll have any disability in the future.

Erin Napier kids

In September 2007 Ben Napier and Erin got engaged in September 2007. According Erin’s Instagram post the couple first were in the yearbook room of their time at college in. After being in awe of the other for two years Erin met him for the first time on the 9th of December and were able to tie the knot on the 13th of December. The couple got married on November 8, 2008. Their most recent anniversary was 2022 Erin acknowledged her gratitude at being blessed with Ben to be her partner, and also for having the family they are. They reside in a 1925-built Craftsman style home situated in Mississippi and have two kids: Helen, who was born in January of 2018 and Mae which was born in May 2021.

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