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This LinkedIn research will provide updates to readers about Evan Gershkovich’s arrest. You can find all the most recent updates here. The latest news regarding Evan Gershkovich (a Wall Street Journal reporter) has been posted. Many people want the latest information and to learn why this reporter was detained. Evan Gershkovich LinkedIn is the most popular keyword being searched in the United States. Today we’ll be sharing all the important facts regarding Evan Gershkovich’s arrest. Continue reading.

LinkedIn Profile for Evan Gershkovich

According to online sources Evan Gershkovich, was arrested Thursday. People started looking for details about his LinkedIn profile after his arrest. His profile didn’t include any recent posts. He did however get 496 connections. A brief explanation of his education is also available on his profile. Online sources indicated that he was detained by Russia on charges of espionage.

Wikipedia Updates for Evan Gershkovich

Evan Gershkovich was born in the USA and brought to New Jersey. He was a reporter at the WSJ (Wall Street Journal), when he was taken into custody. He was born in 1991. Sources say that this is the first US-based reporter to be arrested for spying. He attended Princeton High School. Additionally, he received his additional education in English as well as Philosophy at Bowdoin College. Sources indicate that his family fled the Soviet Union. He had completed his education and was the author of The Bowdoin Review, and The Bowdoin Orient.

Biography of Evan Gershkovich

Evan Gershkovich, 31, is a reporter originally from the United States. He was a Wall Street Journal reporter for one year. He covered news about Ukraine, Russia, and all the latest on the war between these two countries. As a result of his six-years-long stay in Russia, he could speak Russian fluently. In New Jersey, Evan’s parents also lived. Online sources indicate that Evan was born in New York. He graduated from New Jersey.


This post summarizes all the relevant information regarding Evan Gershkovich’s arrest. We hope this post will help you understand why the reporter was taken into custody.

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