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Are you aware of what you know about the Fallon Fox video? Fallon Fox has been accused of fracturing the skulls of two women in the course of the fight. She was a mixed martial arts champion has been slapped with such a charge following a viral post via social networks. Her followers in across the United States are demanding the video in which she broke her skull.

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Fallon Fox skull-breaking video

According to sources the famous former mixed martial arts athlete Fallon Fox has been accused of breaking the skull of an opponent in the course of a fight. A doctor who is a professional has been accused of Fallon Fox publically on social media of breaking the skulls of two rivals. One fight video is also going viral. It is a video of Fallon Fox fighting with women in MMA and breaking her skull according to the sources.

The video is accessible on various social media sites and on online websites. The video, however, Fallon Fox denied all allegations made of Doctor via an Instagram post. One of the two opposition was in support of Fallon Fox.

Video of Fallon Fox goes viral On Reddit.

A video featuring Fallon Fox where she is being filmed fighting with females has triggered a number of debates about her. According to online sources the video depicts Fallon Fox breaking the skull of the opponent. The video became famous on various websites on social networks. Many accounts on social media have shared the video of Fallon Fox.

The information about Fallon Fox’s skull-breaking incident Fallon Fox skull-breaking of the adversary is also available on Reddit. Reddit users could discover videos on different social networks, such as Twitter. The video could also be found on internet websites.

What was the reaction of Fallon Fox react to the news?

In the wake of being charged with smashing the skulls of two females, Fallon Fox finally broke her silence and rebut all accusations. Fallon Fox posted the Twitter image from the physician who claimed she had broken the skulls of two women. She also spelled all allegations on Instagram. According to reports she wrote “Transphobes are using fake photos to claim that she broke the skulls of a person she has never wrestled against.

She said that even one of her opponents states that she hasn’t been fighting against her. According to sources she has stated clearly that “Dr. Anastasia Maria Loupis” is lying. Fallon clarified that one of the fighters Tamikka Brent suffered an orbital fracture due to her. She also shared an original video clip of the fight, which you can find on Youtube.

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