Famillive Scam Get Complete Review Details!

Below is detailed information about Famillive.com. This will let you know if Famillive.com scams or if it is a trusted company. Let’s look at the Famillive reviews below to get the real answer.

Website Highlights

  • Website name –Famillive.com
  • Website title:Family living
  • Domain Registration As Per WHOIS2023-01-03
  • Domain Registrar:Porkbun LLC
  • Email: customer@skylsinkte .com
  • Contact Phone number:Not available
  • Store, Address, Company, or Office:
  • Product Categories On Its Site:Not AVAILABLE
  • Products Listed At Its Website – Stand Stacking Planters Planting Potes, Century Modern Atomic Style Wall Art Clocks and Mini Hair Curler, PET Hair Removers, Portable Electric pump, Liquid Silicone iPhone Case – For iPhone, Casual Long Sleeve Floral Coat, Lapel Sequined Long Sleeve Loose Shirt etc.

Domain Names and Websites Other Than

Its website’s name, Family Living, is different from the domain name. Legit websites don’t do such blunders. It has listed the same website address instead of its domain name in its policy pages. This is most likely because of a copy-paste error.

Contact Information

It does not provide its company’s contact phone number and address. According to our experience, legit companies provide this information on their websites. It is obvious that the site is trying to hide this information. This is why we won’t trust them for any online shopping.

Promotional and Discount Offers

Famillive has many products listed for sale with substantial discounts. Most scam websites offer these discounts to lure people to their scam.

Copied content:

Famillive website contains many details, including information about how its website theme matches with multiple problematic sites.

Our Final Verdict:

Famillive is a suspicious website based upon the information above.

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There are many online stores that claim to be selling products at huge discounts. However, most of these sites are scams. You should avoid these online stores, and at the very least, do your research before making a purchase. The majority of new online retailers won’t deliver purchased items to customers, or ship completely different, low-quality goods. Scam websites may even charge customers their credit cards in random ways without their consent. If you have ever bought from a scam site, we recommend you immediately contact your bank to get your credit card information.

NOTE: These websites are known to change their website’s name and whole content from time time. This review was based solely on the information that the company provided to us on the above date. If you find other information than what we have given in our review, this means that the online shop has changed its details. But, it is still suspicious.

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