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Faye Windass’ Daughter:- Coronation Street, a British soap opera, has been airing since 1960. Faye Windass with her daughter Miley is one of the most famous stories on the show. Ellie Leach played Faye Windass. Miley was born to her when she was twelve years old. The storyline has been following their journey since then. This article will go into more detail about Miley Windass and Faye Windass on Coronation Street.

Faye Windass Son

Miley Windass was 12 years old when she gave birth. Due to its sensitive nature, both the audience and media paid attention to the storyline. Coronation Street was the first to tell a story about a child having another child.

Faye Girl Coronation Street

Miley Windass’s storyline on Coronation Street was a rollercoaster. Miley was not interested in adoption after Miley’s birth. Miley didn’t forget about her daughter and kept thinking about her every day. Faye was delighted to be reunited in 2017 with Miley, who returned to Coronation Street when she was a young girl.

How old is Faye Windass daughter?

Miley Windass, who was born in 2014 at the age of nine years old, is currently living with her family. Miley Windass’s birth was controversial as Faye Windass (only twelve years) was giving birth to her daughter.


MileyWindass, the Coronation Street star, is Miley?

Miley Windass, the daughter Faye Windasss and Jackson Hodge is Miley Windass. She was born in 2014, and was placed up for adoption.

Faye Windass: Why did she give up Coronation Street for her daughter?

Faye Windass lost her child because she wasn’t ready for motherhood at such an young age.

How Old is Faye Windass?

Faye Windass was 25 years of age on December 23, 1997.

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