Francis Zuber Full Video How Did He Rescue Snowboarder?

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Are you interested in learning more what happened to Francis Zuber? Do you want to know about the circumstances surrounding Francis? If yes, then read the entire article to the very end. A video of a rescue snowboarder has become viral. People from Canada and in the United States are reacting to the clip. It is recommended to read the entire article if you would like to learn more what’s happening with Francis Zuber full Video.

Why is Francis Zuber Viral?

The admirable act Francis has earned him fame in recent times. Since he helped a snowboarder, Ian Steger, from the hefty pile of snow. The snowboarder was unable to breathe when he fell through the snow because of the avalanche. He was fortunate to be noticed by Zuber who pulled him out from the snow. Francis was skipping in the snow when he saw the snowboarder. Zuber was digging out his face first, to let him breathe. Then, his entire body was pulled out from the snow. This is how Francis Zuber Rescued the snowboarder.

Reactions of the People

People were elated by Zuber for helping save the life of an on-board snowboarder. Zuber saved the snowboarder at the right moment. If he hadn’t, he could have died. People are now referring to Zuber as a hero. There is evidence that Zuber knew about the situation and took action according to the situation. Zuber was also able talk to the victim in a professional manner before helping the victim. The public also said that he deserved applause because he saved lives because of his basic sense. The quick-thinking ability and the calmness of Zuber have allowed the victim gain an opportunity to live a better life.

Francis Zuber Full Video

People share the video of rescue the victim on the social networks. They are eager to watch the entire video. They have shared the video links. The video showcases the bravery of rescuers and confidence of the victim that the rescuer is a hero. A few people have experienced Goosebumps following watching this video. Some even been emotional. The public has praised Zuber for his bravery and awareness of the situation. The video illustrates how Zuber saved the snowboarder. The two have come together and are attempting to explain the entire situation. The story which occurred in the case of Francis Zuber and Ian Steger forced people to accept that humanity is still around.

What did Francis and Ian Say?

Francis Ian and Francis Ian have shared the way they reacted to one another in the incident. Zuber noticed a small flash of red, which was a bit odd to him. He was concerned there was something off. Francis made a noise and called Ian but didn’t get any response. Ian also said he could not listen to anything Francis told him. Stager only heard his breathing. It was evident in the footage that Francis wanted to know Ian whether he was alright. Francis stated that he would help Ian. Francis Zuber Full Video has given a new perspective to many. They talk about the risky situations you might face when skiing on the ice. In addition, the incident between Francis as well as Ian has made everyone aware that this type of incident could happen to anyone. Therefore, everyone should be aware when they are across the frozen ice.


The footage of Francis saving Ian has been a powerful example of many things. It has taught kindness and humanity. It taught us how to respond in dangerous situations and help someone who is who is in danger. To learn more, please go to the link.

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