Gary Lineker Net Worth Know Age & Family Details!

Gary Lineker Net worth : Gary Lineker was a former English footballer who became a sports broadcaster. He is widely respected as one of most important players of his generation. A prominent figure in media, Lineker has a remarkable net worth due to his success in broadcasting and football. We will be looking at Gary Lineker’s net worth, wife, home, age, as well as his children in this article.

Gary Lineker Net worth :

Gary Lineker is worth approximately PS30 million (roughly $41 million). His success as a footballer, and sports broadcaster has helped him to make his fortune. He played football for several clubs, including Everton, Barcelona and Tottenham Hotspur. He also played for England and scored 48 goals in 80 appearances. He then moved into broadcasting as a pundit for BBC’s Match of the Day.

Gary Lineker Wife

Gary Lineker has been married twice. He married Michelle Cockayne in 1986. Before they divorced in 2006, they had four kids together. He shared the news with Michelle in 2023 about his unusual relationship with Michelle. Although they still live together, he said that they have stopped being romantically involved. Lineker’s second wife, Danielle Bux (who he married in 2009), is Danielle. They split in 2016, but are still good friends.

Gary Lineker House

Gary Lineker’s London home is an incredible property, worth more than PS16M ($22 million). The house is located in Barnes’ exclusive area and features a tennis court, swimming pool and a cinema. According to some reports, the house also has its own golf course. Lineker bought the property back in 2016, and since then it has undergone many renovations.

Gary Lineker Children

Gary Lineker and Michelle Cockayne have four children. Their names are George (Harry), Tobias, Angus, and Tobias (both his first wife, Michelle Cockayne). Lineker is very private with his children and rarely speaks about them publicly.

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