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Global Anti Scam Org advocates for hundreds of victims of internet wire fraud, investment fraud, and relationship fraud.

Are you familiar with romance-investment cybercrimes. There has been a new gold rush in the past few years, and it is all due to cryptocurrency. Although it is not easy to make the millions of dollars that some Bitcoin investors have made, it’s possible.

Scammers from Southeast Asia ( Singapore and Taiwan,, and nine other countries) take billions from innocent victims around the world every year. To assist victims of cybercrimes around the globe, the Global Anti Scam Orgwas established in June 2021.

Global Anti-Scam Organization:

  • Global Anti-Scam Organization’s primary purpose is to assist victims of cybercrimes involving romance-investment, also known as “pig-butchering plates” in Chinese.
  • Second, GASO is trying to discourage Chinese cybercriminals, large-scale, multilayered online frauds. This is done by educating social media users and dating apps about current social engineering techniques and technological abuses of Chinese cybercriminals.
  • GASO hopes that its work will educate policymakers and regulators as well as law enforcement and the general public about the gravity and complexity of internet frauds.
  • Global Anti Scam Organisation Gaso enfin calls on all suppliers of digital services to be held accountable and responsible for their use by criminals.

It is difficult and expensive to launder money through the bitcoin network. Gaso offers a 2in1 service for a low cost to victims, which will increase your chances of getting your case investigated.

Current Scenario of Global Anti Scam Org:

With the increase in Shazhupan victims (online scams) in 2021, the number of volunteers grew and the Global Anti-Scam Organization was founded. GASO is currently run by approximately 70 volunteers. It was established in the USA as a non profit to help, organize and advocate for victims of the internet scam.

GASO had reached 1,483 victims worldwide as of April 2022. This resulted in a loss of $256 million or an average loss of $172,000 per victim. Visit their official website to learn more about the current situation of the Global Anti-Scam Organisation.

What does Global Anti Scam Organisation Gaso Do?

  • Awareness, Education and Prevention: Raising awareness through news coverage and social media. Fake websites can often be updated to prevent victims from falling for it.
  • Community Assistance: This helps victims to return to pre-incident lives and provides relevant papers that can be used to support their cases.
  • Legal Reform: It works with law enforcement agencies around the world to prosecute traffickers and other cyber criminals.
  • Rescue: This rescues the victims of human trafficking and captivity in Southeast Asia.

You can also read more about Gaso.


Online frauds are on the rise. Global Anti Scam Org is dedicated to protecting consumers from scams worldwide by increasing awareness, providing tools and assistance to law enforcement and consumers, encouraging information exchange and supporting (legally) best practices.

Only 7% of victims report internet fraud to authorities. This is just the tip of an iceberg. Gaso: Have you ever heard of it? Leave your comments in the comment section.

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