Gotosellers Reviews (June 2022) Check Is This Website Legit Or Not?

This article provides authentic Gotosellers reviews regarding the website which provides branded shoes and apparel.

Are you looking to find out about the legitimacy of a website called Gotosellers? Read this article.

Gotosellers can be described as an online shop which offers a diverse selection of goods, including clothes accessories, jewelry, and other. It has attracted a lot of attention from United States sellers because people are not satisfied with the authenticity of the website.

But, many fraudulent entities are operating on the internet nowadays, which is why it’s essential to confirm the legitimacy of the website before relying on the site completely. The website claims to provide quality products at a reasonable price. So, if you’re trying to understand the true motivations behind this website continue reading these Gotosellers Review.

More details regarding Gotosellers

Gotosellers is an online marketplace for shopping in the world in the year 2018 with the intention to be among the most renowned websites for selling footwear and streetwear. The website promises to ease purchasing and selling accessories, clothing and footwear. It is also an auction house that trades on behalf of other sellers. For example the seller supplies their inventory to Gotosellers and sells their goods on their behalf. Additionally, on the website, buyers only receive authentic and authenticated items.

In addition, you’ll find all the luxurious and top-quality products on the homepage of the site. But, Is Gotosellers Legit? Read on for more details.

Features of Gotosellers

  • Website URL-
  • Products- Clothing, shoes and other accessories
  • Email address-
  • Shipping cost: Free shipping on all products with a value of $35 or more.
  • Payment method: Paypal
  • Social media connectionsWe haven’t found any social media links on the site.
  • Newsletter- Mentioned
  • Domain creation date- 16/05/2022
  • Physical address-Not listed
  • Contact number: Unavailable
  • Estimated time of delivery – 7-9 working days
  • Refund policy for material items – within some period of time (mentioned in the site)
  • Policy on Returns – Exact time isn’t mentioned

Let’s find out the real intentions behind this online store through these Gotosellers Review.

What’s the advantages of Gotosellers?

  • Customers will find all needed products under one roofing.
  • Customers may submit their complaints by email.
  • Free shipping is offered for purchases that exceed $35.
  • The delivery service is accessible across the world, including that of the United States.

What’s the negative aspects of Gotosellers?

  • At the dashboard’s top the website mentioned social media sites, however there was no way to verify that the link worked.
  • The website does not provide contact information, such as the office address, contact numbers and so on.
  • It has received poor reviews in online reviews.

Is Gotosellers Legit?

A variety of online sites that offer quality products at reasonable prices are accessible online, however there are many websites that are genuine. We will examine the legitimacy of the online store that sells branded items in this segment. Additionally, the website boasts of having a huge name and huge reach to customers However it hasn’t had a great response from shoppers.

In this section we have included all the necessary information and guidelines you should be aware of prior to making an order through the website.

  • Customer comments- There are no positive Gotosellers reviews are listed on the site and the website has received negative feedback from the internet.
  • Domain creation date: The domain was established on the 16th of May, 2022.
  • Trust index rank – Out of 100, the website has earned the 38.2 percent trust score.
  • Validity of Address- There is no company address listed on the website.
  • Trust index score – The site has achieved a one percent trust score.
  • Content quality- The content is not of good quality.
  • Domain expiration date: The domain name is registered up to 16/05/2023.
  • Links to social mediaThe broken social media pages’ links are available on the site.

Customer Gotosellers Reviews

Every shopper nowadays looks at customer reviews since it is a reliable source of information regarding the quality of the product and its after-sales services. In the same way, we’ve scanned all sources of feedback from shoppers and discovered that there are reviews are not posted on the site. However, from other well-known sources we have received negative feedback from customers who complain about the site due to the fact that it provides everything at outrageous costs. Therefore, if you’ve placed an order and require the money back using PayPal take a look here.


These Gotosellers Review sessions, we’ll discuss the credibility of the online store which sells expensive footwear and clothing and other accessories. Additionally, we found that the site has received some complaints from customers. We suggest that shoppers not place orders on this website , and do their do their research if they doubt the legitimacy of the website.

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