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The article describes the plane crash and the reasons behind the crash. It is also investigation by police. Learn more about it by studying Guilford County Airplane Crash.

Did you know about the crash of the plane? Who was injured in the crash? Are there any dead bodies in the crash of the plane? What’s the cause behind the crash? The investigation is currently being conducted through the US police United States, and people are eager to find out what caused the accident. Learn more about the crash by reading about Guilford County Airplane crash.

What year did the Crash take place?

Early in the morning on Tuesday morning, at 11:36 am, an airplane crashed at the junction of U.S. 421 South and Monnett Road. The Guilford County Sheriff’s Office, the plane crashed on Monnett Road, which is located near the Monnett Road bridge on U.S. 421’s embankment on the west. Kurtis Dale Williams who is 52 of Kernersville and his 39-year old passenger were both aboard the plane, according to the Sheriff’s Office.

The driver was transported to the UNC-Chapel Hill Clinic to receive medical attention for his injuries following the crash. He is now in the hospital, as per the statement of the hospital. Williams died immediately. The accident is still being investigated by Schools National Transportation Safety Board as well as The Federal Aviation Administration.

More information about the Crash

Both pilots have commercial licenses, as per NTSB officials. One of the RV-12 aircrafts was believed to be responsible for the accident. Two-seater airplane designed by amateurs. The plane was spotted leaving Greensboro as per their claims. While working they abided by the rules of flight and observed the traffic rules. The reports stated that the plane was believed to have hit an overpass prior to it colliding and caught the fire. As part of the investigation, they’re not certain about the plane’s fate as it crossed the highway at that time. The police are collecting additional evidence that they will present for the Court. Within ten days, the preliminary report is likely to become available. Final report anticipated to be published in one year to 18 months. They will be gathering information on the weather conditions and conditions that can lead to crashes.

The public expresses condolences for death caused by the pilot. Many are looking forward to finding out more details concerning the crash.

It was revealed at the scene of the crash that the pilot of the plane, Kurtis Dale Williams 52 from Kernersville was dead. There’s a serious situation regarding two victims. The sensation of witnessing and feeling the events that occurred in the crash of the plane will not let Perkins for long. More details will be made available on the Courthouse.


According to online sources The pilot died during the crash. The passenger escaped the accident and was taken to a hospital to receive more treatment. Police continue investigations to gather more details concerning the incident. Find out more information about the crash on the internet.

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