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We will be helping you to understand the truth of Happyindia88.com. Before investing, make sure you have all the facts.

Do you love Sports? Do you enjoy betting on different games through betting apps? Do you think the betting platform that you use is real? To make sure that the platforms are real, it is important to take into account public opinion as well as the reality of the platform. Everyone wants fast access to their favourite sports and players so they can make money.

It’s becoming more fun and addictive to use betting apps for your Investments. Happyindia88.com, a website from Vietnam, is a popular trending site in India.

The Happyindia88

The website was initially set up by the owner to offer online gambling and casino games. In recent years, investors started to invest in the players and predict the winner country during the FIFA World Cup, 2022.

It was surprising that it displayed the company’s leadership for more than 18 decades, while its domain age showed it had only been operating for one and half years.

The website was gaining popularity worldwide and received positive feedback from both investors and players. India has recently used a different logo to promote the company for the IPL matches. Happyindia88.com remains the same website, with the exception of the developer.

Specification at Happyindia88.com for identifying its legitimacy

Domain age: The company has been operating for the last year, and 5 months. Domain creation: 11/07/2021 Domain expiry on 11/07/2023 Email ids: Multiple email associates (Vietnam, Thailand, China and Indonesia, India, Korea, Japan, etc.) Indian email address: India_cs@m88.com. Trust score: 35%. Social media: Twitter and Facebook. Customer reviews are available on social networks, but could be better. Play Store rating: unavailable iOS rating: unavailable

You can also download the m88 application by scanning the QR code, but this is fake. It will redirect you to Canva by scanning the QR code.

Happyindia 88.com

Many people want to know the truth about happyIndia88.com. The website is filled with fake information. The website does not confirm that the email address or contact number listed on it are active.

HappyIndia88.com claims to have IOS and Android applications, but no such app is available. The multiple false reports and misleading information make it difficult to believe that this platform is real and reliable.


It has strong connections on several social platforms and very few customer reviews that can confirm its legitimacy. However, we can’t guarantee that Happyindia88.com will be the perfect platform for betting.

We do not recommend you to do any money laundering or risk your investment. Play at your own risk.


HappyIndia88, a rapidly growing betting platform. Many people use this app to gamble and invest in multiple countries. Recently, India has also promoted betting apps and websites for IPL games.

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