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Hoda’s Daughter – Hoda is an American journalist and television personality. She is also the loving mother of two beautiful daughters, Hope Catherine (Haley Joy) and Hope Catherine (Joseph). Hoda had to endure a difficult journey as a mother, as her youngest child, Hope, was diagnosed with a serious condition. This article will examine what happened to Hope, and what went wrong.

Hoda’s Daughter

Hope Catherine Kotb was her child. She was born on April 15, 2019. Hoda adopted Hope together with Joel Schiffman and has been raising Hope since then. Hoda is also a mother to Haley Joy who was born in 2017.

What Happened To Hope Hoda’s Child?

Hoda left her job at Today Show on February 2020 to be with her family. Hope, her daughter had to have surgery to correct a congenital cardiac defect. Hope was able to leave the hospital after the surgery was completed, but she had to stay in the ICU for recovery.

Hoda shared her fear and anxiety during an emotional segment of the Today Show. She thanked all the nurses and doctors that took care of her daughter. And she encouraged parents to trust what their instincts say about their child’s health.

What went wrong with Hoda’s daughter?

Hope Catherine was born suffering from Heterotaxy Syndrome, a condition that affects the heart. This rare condition can affect the formation of organs. Hope’s heart defect was so severe that she needed to have surgery.

Hoda has spoken out strongly about the importance raising awareness about congenital cardiac defects and advocating more funding for research that will lead to better treatments for children affected by these conditions.


  • How many children has Hoda Kotb had?

Hoda has two children. Hope Catherine was born to Hope Catherine in 2019, and Haley Joy was conceived in 2017.

  • What’s Hoda Kotb doing now with her daughter?

Hoda has not given any information on Hope’s health in recent times, but she did tell us in a prior interview that Hope is “healthy and happy”.

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