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We are going to show you what Houpuppty actually is. Simply read the Houpuppty Review to learn if this company is a scam or a trusted one.

Houpuppty is a scam website. This is because of the following:

Brand Use

It has misused the brand of Lowe’s because it used the logo of Lowe’s as its website name without any association with Lowe’s.

Social Media Presence

It provided fake social media icons to its website. They redirect you to those social media sites’ home pages when clicked on, rather than to its business social media profiles, pages, or groups.


Its website theme, along with many other details, matches multiple scam websites.

Offers and Discounts

It listed a number of products at very low prices that are almost impossible for legitimate shops to offer, even on Cyber Monday. 6-DRAWER RED TOP TOOL CHEST, GEARWRENCH 300 PC COMBINATION TOOL KIT WITH CHEST & ROLLER CABINET, etc.

Customer Complaints Delivery

Many other online shops offer the same product ranges, but have many complaints about delivery times and customer support.


Houpuppty is a bogus online store.

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