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Preliminary Scholarship Test: This is the most competitive exam in the United States. Many young applicants compete for the scholarships. Recently there was a concern about How Long Does the PSAT Take, and other details related to the exam. The College Board organizes the exam. It is important for high school juniors and sophomores. The test is primarily based on math and reading skills. This article will be devoted to it.

A Short Introduction to PSAT

This article will provide you with the best information possible about the PSAT test, which is administered by both the College board as well as the National Merit Scholarship Corporation. Answer to the question “How Long Does the PSAT Take” is 2 hours 45 minutes. This preliminary exam assists students in taking the SAT.

This exam requires you to be able to manage your time. This exam is only for high school sophomores, and some freshmen from other schools. Since 1971, the PSAT test has been conducted every fall. The PSAT test used only math and verbal sections. However, the format changed in 2015. Registering for the exam must be done through high schools, which are usually members of the College Board.

Additional Information about How Long Does the PSAT Take?

After the 2015 format change, the tests now consist of four sections: Math, critical reading and writing skills. The mathematics exam now prohibits the use of calculators. Although the test is objective and multiple choice based, grid-in questions will be given after each section. This test allows you to assess your intellectual problem solving ability and knowledge.


Around 35, 000 students take the PSAT every year. There are three types of recognition certificates: Semi Finalists (Commended), Finalists (Finalists) and Finalists (Finalists). Only 5% of test takers receive commended recognition. How Long Does the PSAT Take? It takes 2 hours and 45 minutes. Additional details about the exam are provided in the appropriate places. For more information, please see

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