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How to get Legend Slime level: Legend of Slime can be played as an idle mobile game. Players can collect slimes that fight each other and steal their belongings. You can upgrade each slime to make it more powerful. Now, players want to know how they can level up Legend Slime. The following article will provide all the information you need to level up Legend Slime.

Legends Of Slime

Legend of Slime is an idle mobile game. You will need to gather many slimes in order to defeat humans and steal their items! You can upgrade each slime to make it more powerful. Your slimes will grow in power the more you upgrade them. Even friends such as a snail or chicken can be collected. You can offer your slimes friends valuable bonuses when they come along on your adventures.

Develop your slimes and engage in combat against humans to steal their belongings. Discover new skills, develop a unique build, then enter combat. Find gold where you can and then mine for treasures. To help slow down enemy attacks, you can also bring a couple of friends.

How to Level up Legend Slime

We will be discussing how to level legend Slime up in the article below.

Requirements: My Level 250m Plus

  • SlimeAku suggests digging down 250m from the mine’s unlocked location to discover a new mineable resource.
  • EXPShard : XP Shard can be mined to yield 1 Shard.
  • Click the “Change character” button on the Slime tab. Spend some time here.
  • [Upgrading also increases the amount of extra XP available from 1 Shard]
  • For every level that a Slime reaches, you will get a Mastery Point. Spend them on permanent bonus games in the mastery section.
  • To be eligible for the following mastery tile you will need to complete a complete mastery.Legends Of Slime Guide 2023Let us now see the Legends of Slime Guide 223 in the article below.
    • Additional Gold is a waste. MAXIMUM: (1 +82 / ATKLVL)2 *1.014-1 DMG Gain. This is a 50% gold gain (SS). This calculates a maximum damage gain of 7.0% for 3k ATK, 4.8% at 5k and 3.1% respectively at 10k.
    • Chance, magnified by gold
    • Fiend synergy – critical chance
    • Increase critical damage (addictive but completely pointless).
    • ASPD (poor, awful values) (terrible, wrong values)
    A fall off at some point (speculation, but initial impressions strongly suggest this)Multiple shots can also be taken (with incorrect values).
    • ASPD (bad regardless).
    • Synergy with slime (increases damage to Basic Attack).
    Probably not very well, but potentially useful
    • Boost maximum HP (wrong values)
    • It is horrible to increase your companion ATK, and it is difficult to figure out what to do later in the game.
    • Intensify ATK
    • Boost Skill ATK. Both traits are superior and the best combination is likely to be 3-4x ATK with 2-1x Skill ATK (assuming that they operate additively on one another) or 5x ATK for those who act independently.
    Reference Source: ClashifyLegend Of Slime: Idle RPG CodesThis site is for Slime fans who are searching for codes. The following article will contain a list all active codes.Legend Of Slime Idle RPG code January 2023 (Active).The following list contains all current Legend Of Slime codes:RewardGAMEWITH2022Get 5,000 gems by redeeming this codeLEGENDSLIMEGet 5,000 gems by redeeming this codeGSTAR2022Get 10,000 gems by redeeming this codeTHDNM – Referral CodeTap the settings, invite your friends, and enter the referral code to get 500 Gems
    Legend Of Slime Idle RPG code January 2023 (Expired).Here’s a list with all expired Legend Of Slime RPG Codes.
    • There are currently not expired codes. If codes do expire in the future, we will post them on our website.

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